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Fall Festival

Scholars Presenting Papers

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Philip Abbott
Wayne State University

Henry J. Abraham
University of Virginia

David Gray Adler
Idaho State University

David Alsobrook
William J. Clinton
Presidential Library and Museum

Eric Alterman
City University of New York
Brooklyn College

Kurt Angersbach
University of California
Santa Barbara


Dean Baker
Center for Economic
and Policy Research
Washington, D.C.

Ryan J. Barilleaux
Miami University of Ohio

Daniel Béland
University of Calgary, Canada

Magnus T. Bernhardsson
Williams College

Allida Black
George Washington University

Susan Low Bloch
Georgetown University Law Center

Meena Bose
United States Military Academy

Sarah H. Brau
Washington, D.C.

Roger G. Breeze
Centaur Science Group
Washington, D.C.

Douglas Brinkley
Eisenhower Center
for American Studies
University of New Orleans

Lara Michelle Brown
California State University
Channel Islands

Larry Bumgardner
Pepperdine University

Stephen F. Burgess
United States Air War College


Ashton Carter
Former Assistant Secretary of Defense
John F. Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University

Captain Chad C. Carter
United States Air Force Academy

Colonel Alan Cate
Colonel, United States Army (Ret.)

Ralph Church
University of Padua, Italy

Jeanne Nienaber Clarke
University of Arizona (Ret.)

David B. Cohen
University of Akron

David Courtwright
University of North Florida

Russell Crandall
Davidson College

Bruce Cumings
University of Chicago


Vincent Di Lorenzo
St. John's University School of Law

Michael D'Innocenzo
Hofstra University

Paul Dixon
University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

Graham Dodds
Concordia University, Canada

David R. Dow
University of Houston Law Center

Susan J. Drucker
Hofstra University

John Dumbrell
University of Leicester, U.K.

Robert F. Durant
American University


Peter Edelman
Georgetown University Law Center

Jason A. Edwards
Georgia State University

Anthony J. Eksterowicz
James Madison University

Amitai Etzioni
George Washington University


Peter Fishbein, Esq.
Kaye Scholer LLP, New York

Eric Freedman
Hofstra University School of Law

Bradley C. Freeman
Marist College


Michael A. Genovese
Loyola Marymount University

Martin H. Goldsmith
Albert Einstein Healthcare Network (Ret.)
Philadelphia, PA

Joel K. Goldstein
Saint Louis University School of Law

Mel Goodman
Center for International Policy
Washington, D.C.

Kenneth G. Gormley
Duquesne University School of Law

William B. Gould IV
Stanford Law School

David Greenberg
Rutgers University, New Brunswick

John Robert Greene
Cazenovia College

John DeWitt Gregory
Hofstra University School of Law

Gary Gumpert
City University of New York
Queens College (Ret.)

Michael M. Gunter
Tennessee Technological University

Myra G. Gutin
Rider University


Patrick J. Haney
Miami University of Ohio

Joseph P. Harahan
United States Department of Defense

Brigid C. Harrison
Montclair St. University

Glenn P. Hastedt
James Madison University

Diane Heith
St. John's University

Richard Himmelfarb
Hofstra University

Joan Hoff
Montana State University

Samuel B. Hoff
Delaware State University

Donna R. Hoffman
University of Northern Iowa

Alison D. Howard
Dominican University


Elaine C. Kamarck
John F. Kennedy
School of Government
Harvard University

Takashi Kanatsu
Hofstra University

Efraim Karsh
King's College, University of London, U.K.

Nancy Kassop
SUNY at New Paltz

Christopher Kelley
Miami University of Ohio

Mikyoung Kim
Hiroshima Peace Institute
Hiroshima City College, Japan

James Dale King
University of Wyoming

Major Antony B. Kolenc
United States Air Force Academy

Theodore Kovaleff
Columbia University
School of Law (Ret.)

Rachel Kreier
Hofstra University


Laura Lally
Hofstra University

Peter B. Levy.
York College, PA

Carlos F. Liard-Muriente
Western New England College

Albert C. Lin
King Hall School of Law
University of California, Davis

Michael Luckovich
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Timothy Lynch
University of Leicester, U.K.

Zachary Lynn
Teachers College
Columbia University


John Anthony Maltese
University of Georgia

Robert Mankoff
The New Yorker

Robert Maranto
Villanova University

Theodore R. Marmor
Yale University

Colonel-General Yevgeny Maslin (Ret.)
Ministry of Defense
The Russian Federation

Linda C. McClain
Hofstra University School of Law

Lorraine McDonnell
University of California
Santa Barbara

Judithanne Scourfield McLauchlan
University of South Florida
St. Petersburg

Donald H. McNeill
Pittsburgh, PA

Stephen K. Medvic
Franklin & Marshall College

Michael Meeropol
Western New England College

Russell A. Miller
University of Idaho College of Law

Robert B. Moberly
University of Arkansas Law School

John Allphin Moore, Jr.
California State Polytechnic University

John Murphy
University of Georgia


Stefanie E. Nanes
Hofstra University

Faisal A. Nasr
Institute of International Relations

Andrew J. Nathan
Columbia University

Roger K. Newman
Hofstra University School of Law

William Newmann
Virginia Commonwealth University


F. Ugboaja Ohaegbulam
University of South Florida, Tampa

Michael O'Hanlon
Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.


Trevor Parry-Giles
University of Maryland

Martin Payson, Esq.
Jackson Lewis LLP, White Plains, NY

William D. Pederson
Louisiana State University, Shreveport

Barbara A. Perry
Sweet Briar College

Michael Peters
Dayton Daily News

James P. Pfiffner
George Mason University

Richard M. Pious
Barnard College / Columbia University

Ruth Prigozy
Hofstra University

Jerry Pubantz
Salem College


Keith Reeves
Swarthmore College

James Riddlesperger
Texas Christian University

Nicholas Robinson
Pace University School of Law

Arthur G. Rubinoff
University of Toronto, Canada


Larry J. Sabato
Center for Politics, University of Virginia

Laura Schiller
Washington, D.C.

Catherine Shannon
Westfield State College

Carol A. Sharp
Rowan University

Martin W. Sharp
Cabrini College (Ret.)

David Shreve
University of Virginia

Harold P. Smith
Former Assistant to
the Secretary of Defense
Piedmont, CA

Robert J. Spitzer
SUNY at Cortland


John E. Ullmann (Ret.)
Hofstra University


Arturo A. Valenzuela
Georgetown University

Walter K. Vanderbush
Miami University of Ohio

Melanne Verveer
Vital Voices Global Partnership
Washington, D.C.


Alex Waddan
University of Sunderland, U.K.

Charles E. Walcott
Virginia Tech University

Marc A. Wallace
Rider University

Hanes Walton, Jr.
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Shirley Anne Warshaw
Gettysburg College

Martin P. Wattenberg
University of California, Irvine

John S. Watterson
James Madison University

M. Stephen Weatherford
University of California, Santa Barbara

Gary D. Wekkin
University of Central Arkansas

John W. Wells
Young Harris College

Timothy Willmot
Broad Run High School, VA

Steven K. Wisensale
University of Connecticut, Storrs


Jan J. Younger
Heidelberg College