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Hofstra University Museum
  • Converging Voices: Gender and Identity
  • Andy Warhol

A Message from the Museum Director

Fall 2017

The Hofstra University Museum is a place for everyone; where the art on view and in the collections provides rich terrain for conversation and dialogue, inspiration and reflection, and for creating meaning. Sometimes that conversation occurs across time and place, between, for instance, a 16th century Japanese warrior and a 21st century third grader, or between a wooden African power figure and a Long Island health care professional.

As an academic museum, we encourage these cross-disciplinary approaches to the works of art, helping people see the world from various perspectives and glean some insight into the landscape we now inhabit. In that light, we look forward to the many ways people can relate to and engage in the exhibitions on view in the Museum galleries. Converging Voices: Gender and Identity presents a diverse group of artists who encourage us to consider complex ideas; for instance, how do we straddle the contemporary while embracing the traditional, how are we seen by others and how we define ourselves, what is our voice and how can we be heard. There are artists who present stories that we cannot fully understand and yet they captivate us the more we look. The work in the Andy Warhol exhibition challenges us to look again, and then again, at images and what they tell us about ourselves. These images represent an artist whose work transcends the everyday and asks that we pause and question originality, fame, and purpose.

The Museum is kicking off the fall season with our new family program, ARTful Adventures, which takes place every second Saturday of the month. Sign up and begin to explore art with your child under the expert guidance of a museum educator. Together you can look, discover, and create.

We invite you to engage with the Museum - visit these exhibitions, participate in our programs, and take part in the conversation that reaffirms the strength of diverse cultures, communities, and ways of thinking.

Nancy Richner

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  • Converging Voices: Gender and Identity
  • Andy Warhol