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Student Counseling

Apps to Support Mental Health

These apps can help students learn practical strategies for coping with stress and managing strong emotions. They may be useful on their own for addressing minor concerns, or in conjunction with therapy to address more significant challenges. Students are welcome to schedule a consultation at Student Counseling Services to further discuss skills and strategies for coping.

All apps are free, though some may allow you to buy additional features.

Belly Bio (iPhone only)
Place your phone on your belly so it can monitor your breathing. This biofeedback app is intended to help you learn to relax and focus on your breath.

COVID Coach (iPhone and Android)
This app was made to help manage stress around the pandemic. It teaches about how to manage stressors with different tools and provides checks for anxiety, mood, and PTSD symptoms.

Forest (iPhone and Android)
Designed to help you focus and avoid getting distracted by your phone while you’re studying. Set a time on your phone that you want to use to concentrate and your app will “grow” a virtual tree while you work. Set the app to stress-free growing mode or challenge yourself to keep your tree alive by not using any other apps! See how many you can plant.

MindShift (iPhone and Android)
This app teaches about different kinds of common anxiety (like general worry, social anxiety, perfectionism, panic and phobias) and gives different skills to handle each. In-app tools can help you manage unwanted thoughts, take a breath, or create action plans to help you tackle your anxiety (e.g. face your fears in small steps, take challenges to get out of your comfort zone, build better habits).

Mood Tools (iPhone and Android)
Designed for people struggling with depression. Includes a great thought diary tool to help you challenge upsetting thoughts, among other tools.

SAM: Self-Help for Anxiety Management (iPhone and Android)
Includes about 30 mini-activities/tools to help you learn about anxiety, identify triggers, manage symptoms and track progress.

Stop, Breathe & Think (iPhone and Android)
Helps you identify how your feeling (choose up to 5 emotions from a list of 92), then provides guided meditations based on your mood.

Virtual Hope Box (iPhone and Android)
Designed to help people cope with intense emotions. Includes features to distract you (games/puzzles), relax you (meditation/muscle relaxation) and inspire you (quotes).