Dining Services

Additional Dining Dollars

Use the form below to add additional Dining Dollars to an existing Dining Dollars account for the semester. If the student does not have a Dining Dollars account for the current semester, additional amounts cannot be added. If you would like to select a Dining Dollars Plan go to Services at hofstra.edu/residence-life to view more dining information and go to hofstra.edu/dining-services for specific plan details and pricing.

To complete the form below, add the student's Hofstra ID # (70XXXXXXX), the first 3 characters of the student’s LAST name (Smi for Smith, or D'A for D'Agastino). Then add the amount you would like to add to the account balance (for example, 100.00. Do not use a dollar sign or a comma). Visa or Mastercard are accepted for payment.

If you have questions about Dining Dollars options, please email ResLife@hofstra.edu or call 516-463-6930.

You will be taken to a payment screen after you click the button below