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Dance: Testimonials


Larry Keigwin '94

Bessie Award-winning Artistic Director of Keigwin + Company; choreographer for the Broadway musical If/Then

“I am truly grateful to the teachers at Hofstra for encouraging me and fostering my talent. I really credit them for leading the way for me and opening many doors.” Read Q&A with Larry Keigwin

Julian Donahue '19

BA in Dance (dual major in Political Science); member of New York Theatre Ballet

“Going into Hofstra I already had extensive ballet experience at some of the country’s best ballet schools. Through my professors and courses, I learned to look beyond ballet technique and explore dance in all its capacities. Hofstra also gave me opportunities to forge relationships through movement, with friends, and most notably, with the professors. Later, these connections helped me find work in the field of dance. Now, I dance for New York Theatre Ballet, an opportunity that arose out of an honor’s option I did with Rachel List [the program director]. My time at Hofstra revolutionized and expanded my outlook on ballet and on dance - it was a transformative experience for me.”

Kevin Williams '16

BS in Dance Ed; member, Amy Marshall Dance Company; and dance teacher, Hyde Leadership Charter School (Bronx, NY)

"Hofstra University's Dance Education program prepared me with all the necessary tools I need as a dance educator. Because of this program, it has been possible to manage a dance performance career along with teaching dance to high school students."

Julia Neto '15

Member, Amy Marshall Dance Company and Limón 2

"I am so grateful to the Hofstra Dance Program for personally connecting me to some of the artists at the forefront of today's modern dance scene! The majority of my professional opportunities have come from Amy Marshall, my professor and choreographer at Hofstra, and Larry Keigwin, another Hofstra alum. I also made countless other connections while in the program." Read more about Julia Neto

Alexis Robbins '15

Choreographer, Performer, Improvisor, Dance Educator, and Artistic Director of kamrDANCE

The Hofstra Dance Program allowed me to flourish as a tap and contemporary choreographer by providing several opportunities for students to showcase their choreography and receive feedback each year. The Hofstra Dance faculty truly prioritizes students and their careers. Thanks to opportunities such as the American College Dance Association, the Student Rep Showcase, and choreographing an evening length concert for my senior practicum, I entered the professional dance world with experience and repertoire to build upon. I am forever grateful for my time as a student in the Hofstra Dance Program.

Photo by David Ovitsky 

Hannah Cohen '14

Prophetic Dance Ministry and Director of Operations, Grace Capital City (Washington, DC)

“Attending Hofstra University provided me with the ability to explore my interests through the guidance of talented and caring professors and administrators.  These giving individuals empowered me to pursue and earn my Bachelor's degree in Dance and Film Production and to pursue a Master's degree in Performance Studies at NYU Tisch. ”

Julia Macchio '14

Lead role, international tour of Flashdance the Musical
"Vanessa" in Cobra Kai

“Hofstra gave me the tools that I needed to succeed after college, as an individual and as a performer. The professors I had and the classes that I took pushed me out of my comfort zone while helping me find my individuality at the same time. As a performer, it is so important to know what makes you unique and to utilize that in every audition and job you encounter. However, it is also extremely essential to be able to adapt to what is being asked of you. Hofstra taught me how to balance both, which I have found to be very useful in my post-college years.” Read interview with Julia Macchio


Caitlin Sheppard '14

Member, Amy Marshall Dance Company; performer, Feld Entertainment (Sesame Street LIVE); cast member, nat'l tour of Chuggington Live!

“Being a student in the dance program taught me to be open minded towards all art forms and all styles of dance. The program made me a versatile dancer, and I am so thankful for that. It also taught me that you are not guaranteed anything, but if you work hard, you will be successful.” 

Ricky Wenthen '14

Member, Robin Becker Dance 

"I have always felt that college is meant to provide two invaluable assets in life: solid training and a good network in your chosen field. The Hofstra Dance program and its amazing faculty have equipped me with a technical training in which I have confidence, and their support and guidance has continued into my professional career today. Choosing Hofstra has proven itself to be a phenomenal decision, one that has given me both the ability to succeed, as well as the connections to make it happen."

Matthew Martine ’12

Account Supervisor, Situation (digital marketing agency); former Company Manager, Gallim Dance (Brooklyn, NY)

“Hofstra was the best choice for me to get a well-rounded dance education. The faculty provided a diverse and challenging technical training, while channeling the artistic nature of each individual dancer. The wisdom passed down to the students through this program is absolutely invaluable. This program provided me with the tools to begin a successful career in arts administration, while fostering the artistic intuition to live my dream as a choreographer.”

Sarah Parker ’11

2023 B'way revival of Camelot revival (associate choreographer), NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar LIVE starring John Legend; 50th anniversary tour of Jesus Christ Superstar, 2015 B'way revival of Fiddler on the Roof; and member, Camille A. Brown & Dancers

“Hofstra's close proximity to NYC allowed our professors to have us as students attend a lot of professional dance performances and events. This definitely gave us a huge head-start once we graduated and had to suddenly navigate our own ways through the real-world of dance. We already had a good idea of what was out there and where to find it.” Read more about Sarah Parker; Read about her involvement with Camelot

Fiddler production photo by Joan Marcus, courtesy of Jeffrey Richards Associates

Clarissa Soto '11

Executive Director, Pentacle (arts administration organization); honored in 2016 as a "40 Under 40 Rising Star" by the New York Hispanic Coalition  

“My time at Hofstra opened my eyes to the professional dance world in NYC. Not only did our teachers teach us about technique and performance, but they informed us about the realities of the industry ... how to organize your finances, manage your time, and stay relevant in this changing art form. All of these skills proved themselves valuable as both a dancer and arts administrator.”

Matthew Tiberi '11

Once Upon a One More Time (B'way, Dance Captain and Swing); Finding Neverland (B'way, Vacation Swing); Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Nat'l Tour); Fighting Gravity (with choreographer Sonya Tayeh)

“Hofstra put me in an environment where I was pushed and encouraged to go further than I ever thought possible for myself.” Read More About Matthew Tiberi

Finding Neverland image © Carol Rosegg

Kristen Collins '10

Owner/Co-Director, Downstage Dance School

“Hofstra and its faculty made me a well-rounded artist. The dance program wasn't just about honing technique. We were taught how to view and speak about our art form, how to conduct ourselves in a professional setting, and how to translate our skills to help others, which to me is immeasurable in importance.”

Lindsey Nicastro '10

Dance Educator, P.S. 506, Brooklyn, NY

“I graduated from Hofstra with a BS in Dance Education. I had the best of both worlds in that I was part of a diverse, challenging dance program with a talented, renowned faculty and I was also fully prepared to fulfill my passion of teaching dance in the public school system. I am very grateful to have studied in such a supportive environment where I was able to hone in on my strengths and develop them to become the educator I am today. ”

Christina Stampolis '10

BS in Education/Dance Ed
Dance Teacher, NYC Public School System; former teacher at The Lorge School in Chelsea, Manhattan

“Out of 165 applicants, the instructional supervisor said I was the only one with experience teaching to elementary, high school and special education students. Hofstra has truly created a Dance Education program that stands out from the rest.”

Melissa Unterstein '07

Former Director, Dance and Performance Teams NY Knicks NY Liberty - Madison Square Garden Company

“The best advice I could give to Hofstra students is to simply work hard toward your goals, and if you apply yourself you can absolutely attain them. I earned a BA in dance and psychology from Hofstra. It wasn't easy managing both workloads; however, it surely prepared me for my position at Madison Square Garden.” Read more about Melissa Unterstein

Gregory Youdan '07

Human movement scientist, specializing in dance science. Research and advocacy coordinator for Dance/NYC; assistant teaching artist, Mark Morris Dance Group; board member and former performer, Heidi Latsky Dance. Also performed with the New York Baroque Dance Company and the Sokolow Theater Dance Ensemble. 

“Many of my dance jobs have come from the connections I was able to develop during my time at Hofstra.” Read more about Gregory Youdan

Tara Dunleavy-Tubridy '04

Radio City Rockette; cast member, national B'way tours of Oklahoma! and Movin' Out

“I chose Hofstra University because it gave me that beautiful college campus feel, as well as the intense dance program I was looking for. The professors I worked with gave me the knowledge, experience and motivation that has helped me achieve all that I have thus far in my dance career.” Read interview with Tara Dunleavy-Tubridy

Remi Harris '05

Programs Manager, Center for Performance Research; Dance Artist, Performance Curator, and Arts Administrator

“For me Hofstra became the gateway to finding my own voice; it gave me a new perspective on dance as an art form and as a means for communication.” Read more about Remi Harris

Lindsey Leduc '04

Faculty member, Boston University and Boston College; former company member, Giordano Dance Chicago 

“Hofstra set the stage for an awakening in my life. It provided the mentors and the time for me to discover that I am an artist, and begin my journey on that path."

Photo by Gorman Cook

Christina Lynch Markham '04

Member, Paul Taylor Dance Company

“The dance program at Hofstra gave me the hunger and drive to continue my career as a dancer in New York City. I had wonderful teachers that prepared me for working professionally, building relationships with working choreographers, auditioning, and living the dancer’s life. I am where I am today because of their constant inspiration and encouragement.”

Pictured: Christina Lynch Markham and Nic Ceynowa. Photo by Tom Caravaglia.

Jessica Press

Former New York Knicks City Dancer; Indie Soap Awards best actress nominee for the web series Hustling

The dance program really instilled a lot of discipline in me that I could carry over to the professional life of a dancer. My focus on ballet and modern at Hofstra really gave me such a strong sense of technical training and strength.” Read more about Jessica

Hofstra Dance Concert photos by Johan Elbers.