Teaching, Learning & Technology Programs (TLT)

TLT houses the following School of Education undergraduate and graduate programs:

  • Early Childhood and Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 6)
  • Secondary Education (Grades 7-12)
  • Special Subjects (K-12)
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (K-12)
  • Bilingual Education (K-12)
  • Doctoral Program in Learning and Teaching, EdD

Faculty are dedicated to the preparation of individuals who desire to fulfill their aspirations to teach children from pre-kindergarten through high school, as well as those looking to advance through doctoral study.

To learn more about TLT and associated program offerings, click here. For appointment requests with TLT faculty, please call 516-463-5768.

Amy Catalano, EdD
Department Chair
Director of Elementary STEM Education, Director of Science Education, Director of Secondary Education Adv. Cert, Director of Art Education, and Professor
251 Hagedorn Hall
(516) 463-5956
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Roberto Joseph, PhD
Assistant Chair and Associate Professor
264 Hagedorn Hall
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William Anderson, MS
Director of World Languages Education and
Adjunct Assistant Professor

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Marilyn M. DePietto, DED
Director of Mathematics Education, and Adjunct Assistant Professor
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Lauren Diaz EdD
Director of Music Education and Assistant Professor
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Eduardo Duarte, PhD
Director of Art Education, and Professor
249 Hagedorn Hall
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Rosebud S. Elijah, PhD
Co-Director of Elementary Education and Associate Professor
252 Hagedorn Hall
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Myrna Fischbach, MS
Director of Undergraduate Elementary Education
and Adjunct Instructor
142 Hagedorn Hall
(516) 463-4799
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Tatiana Gordon, EdD
Director of the TESOL Programs, Director of Bilingual Education Programs, and Professor
201 Hagedorn Hall
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Marsha W. Iverson, MS
Director of Business Education, Director of Family and Consumer Science Education, Director of Work Based Learning Program, and Adjunct Assistant Professor
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Andrea Libresco, EdD
Co-Director of Elementary Education,
Director of the Learning and Teaching Doctoral Program, and Professor
205 Hagedorn Hall
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Jonathan Lightfoot, PhD
270 Hagedorn Hall
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Alan J. Singer, PhD
Director of Social Studies Education, Director of Curriculum Studies, and Professor
218A Hagedorn Hall
(516) 463-5853
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Sandra L. Stacki, PhD
Director of the Middle Childhood Program and Professor
269 Hagedorn Hall
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Bruce A. Torff, EdD
148 Hagedorn Hall
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Susan Zwirn, EdD
207 Hagedorn Hall
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Specialized Programs in Education (SPE)

SPE encompasses:

  • Health and Physical Education
  • Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Literacy Studies
  • Special Education
  • Doctoral Programs in EdD in Educational and Policy Leadership; EdD and PhD in Literacy Studies

Studies in health and physical education can be done at undergraduate and graduate level, including a unique five-year, dual-degree dual certification program. Graduate degrees range from master's level preparation to advanced certificates and doctoral study in the following fields: leadership, literacy studies, and special education. The SPE faculty is committed to preparing reflective educators and leaders prepared to work in a wide range of school, community, and university settings.

To learn more about SPE and associated program offerings, click here. For appointment requests with SPE faculty, please call:

Special Education, 516-463-5968
Health and Physical Education, 516-463-5101
Leadership and Literacy Studies, 516-463-5751

Alan D. Flurkey, PhD
Chair, Department of Specialized Programs in Education
263 Hagedorn Hall
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Joseph Del Gais, MS
Director, Physical Education Program, Director Health Education Program, Director of Physical Education BS/ Health Education MS Dual Degree Program, Adjunct Instructor
Hofstra DOME 101C
516-463- 5811
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Sean Fanelli, PhD
Adjunct Professor
215 Hagedorn Hall
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Steven H. Frierman, PhD
Associate Professor
114 Hofstra Dome
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George Giuliani, JD, PsyD
Associate Professor
250 Hagedorn Hall
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Jeanne Henry, EdD
Assistant Chair, Department of Specialized Programs in Education, Director of Literacy Doctoral Programs, Associate Professor
267 Hagedorn Hall
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Stephen Hernandez, EdD
Director of Early Childhood Special Education Programs, Director of Elementary Special Education Programs, co-Director of Literacy and Special Education program, Co-director of Special Education and TESOL program, Associate Professor
241A Hagedorn Hall
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Gloria Lodato Wilson, PhD
Director of Adolescent Special Education programs, Professor
213 Hagedorn Hall
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Mary McDonald, PhD
Director of Applied Behavioral Analysis Programs, Director of Special Education Adv. Cert, Director of Gifted Education Adv. Cert program, Director of Special Education Assessment and Diagnosis Adv. Cert program, Associate Professor
206 Hagedorn Hall
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Theresa McGinnis, PhD
Director of Literacy Masters Programs, Director of Literacy Adv. Cert Program, Director of English Education, co-Director of Literacy and Special Education Program, Associate Professor
261 Hagedorn Hall
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Rebecca Natow, EdD
Director, Higher Education Leadership & Policy Studies Program
Director, EdD Program in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
Assistant Professor
Hagedorn Hall 212
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Diane C. Schwartz, EdD
203 Hagedorn Hall
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Eustace G. Thompson, PhD
Director, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies MSEd Program, Director of Educational Leadership and Policy Adv. Cert program, Director of School District Business Leader Adv. Cert, Professor
Assistant Professor
Hagedorn Hall 227
516-463- 5749
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