School of Education

TK20 Assessment Program

What is Tk20?

The School of Education is committed to providing our students and faculty with the technology to document the growth and development of professional competencies related to our program offerings. To help us in this effort, we have partnered with Tk20, a comprehensive web-based assessment and reporting system that will provide all of us – students, faculty, and administrators – with a rich set of tools to help manage these tasks.

The Tk20 system will allow students to:

  • Create and submit your artifacts for key assessments online. Your artifacts will stay with you so you can use them for years, even after graduation.
  • Submit online evaluations of field supervisors/field placement sites.
  • Create electronic portfolios documenting your best work, for presentation to faculty and prospective employers.
  • Have a fully documented record of your field experience work and your experience with student teaching/clinical practice (lesson plans, etc.).
  • Fill out your application forms online. This includes applications for student teaching/clinical practice.
  • Have a complete record of your advising, program requirements, and (if applicable) certification requirements.

Additionally, the Tk20 system will help us serve you better by providing instant data for accreditation and program improvement.

All students in teacher education and educational leadership programs within the School of Education are required to purchase a Tk20 account, to complete selected course assignments and facilitate assessment/evaluations for courses, field experiences, and student teaching. You may purchase your account online directly from Tk20 for $142 ($139 + $3 processing fee). Your account, once activated, will be valid for seven years, allowing you to access your materials (portfolios, etc.) well into your professional career.