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Bias Incidents & Campus Climate Concerns

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Report Bias
Campus Climate Concern

Hofstra University is committed to fostering a safe and inclusive campus community for all community members. It is the responsibility of each of us to contribute to an environment where all identities can thrive without the limitations of bias and marginalization.

Students may use this online form to make the University aware of bias motivated incidents and campus climate concerns regarding other students.

Bias Motivated Incident or Interaction

Behavior, whether physical or verbal, in person or through the use of electronics or by any other means, that is motivated by bias, based on actual or perceived race, skin color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, age, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental ability/disability status, or marital or veteran status, that has the effect of intimidating, taunting, humiliating, or otherwise impeding on the rights of another individual. 

Campus Climate Concern

Climate is defined as current attitudes, behaviors, and standards of employees and students concerning the access for, inclusion of, and level of respect for individual and group needs, abilities, and potential. Campus climate concerns may exist when an individual or group experiences exclusion, intimidation, denigration, hostility, marginalization, or harm based on their identity or perceived identity (e.g., race, skin color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, etc.), which contribute to an inhospitable campus climate. This conduct and the related behaviors may be intentional or unintentional and may stem from misunderstanding, stereotypes, or lack of awareness. 


Confidentiality and privacy in managing each report is important, insofar as it is reasonably practicable. Identities will be disseminated only to those individuals who have a legitimate need to know, or as reasonably necessary for the purpose of investigating or resolving the report. Reporting individuals should understand that upon their reporting an incident under this process, the report may be disclosed, as necessary, to the individual about whom the report is made. Although the University will endeavor to maintain the confidentiality of complaints under this process, it cannot absolutely guarantee against the further dissemination of information by individuals to whom such information was reasonably disclosed by the University in the course of an investigation.

Anonymous Reporting

Please note that reports may be made anonymously, but this will limit our ability to investigate and take appropriate action in response to the report.

Retaliation Policy

No individual shall be penalized or retaliated against by a member of the University community for their participation in this online complaint process.

False Reports

Reports found to have been intentionally dishonest or made maliciously or without regard for the truth will constitute a violation of University policy as further set forth in the Guide to Pride.

PLEASE NOTE: If you provide an email address, you will receive an automatic email response when you submit the report. While anonymous reports may be submitted and are reviewed by the appropriate office, as noted above, anonymous reports limit our ability to investigate and take appropriate action.

Report Bias

Student: If you wish to report a bias related incident, please use this online form. Reporting allows the University to respond appropriately to support, educate, and create a more equitable community.

Other Reporting Resources:

Hofstra University Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI)