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Faculty Policy Series #40

Permanent Vehicle Registration

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  1. All persons who use the University parking fields must recognize the problems of control and supervision of these areas. Parking space often is at a premium. A comprehensive booklet, Campus Vehicle Regulations, has been evolved in an effort to provide the maximum benefit for all concerned. Everyone is expected to comply with the spirit as well as the letter of these regulations, and is reminded that the use of campus parking facilities is a privilege and not a right.
  2. Permission to park in the University parking fields will be granted to all Hofstra students, faculty and staff who register their vehicles with the Security Office.
  3. All members of the University will receive a Hofstra parking permit when they register with the Security Office. No fee is charged for a Hofstra parking permit.
  4. All vehicles in the parking fields are checked regularly for Hofstra parking permits. Unless otherwise authorized, no vehicle may be parked on campus without a properly displayed parking permit.
  5. Faculty who violate University parking regulations will be reported to the Associate Dean of Faculties.
    In order for the Department of Public Safety to issue appropriate parking permits to new members of the faculty and staff, including part-time personnel, a brief letter of identification from the department head is required.
    This procedure will help to insure that only authorized personnel have the use of University parking areas and will save the time required to make the necessary verification via telephone.

FPS #40
(rev. 1969)