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Geoscience Degrees

The geosciences encompass geology, meteorology, and environmental science and are grounded in an understanding of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics. Geoscientists seek to understand how the Earth and its component systems function and how to apply that knowledge to the benefit of humanity.

  • Bachelor of Science major in Geology
    The BS in Geology is appropriate for students planning to seek employment in geological/environmental consulting after graduation or who plan to continue on to graduate studies and become professional geoscientists working in research, natural resources (fossil fuels, groundwater, mining), and environmental science. The BS in Geology requires coursework in mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and/or computer science.
  • Bachelor of Arts major in Geology
    The BA in Geology is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of geology and a strong liberal arts foundation. It is suited for those students planning to teach earth science in high schools or STEM in elementary schools and/or for students who are interested in careers such as science journalism, urban planning, or environmental law. Many students combine a BA in Geology with another liberal arts major or two minors.

Sustainability Degrees

Sustainability is the science of building a society that provides for the present without sacrificing the future. Sustainability encompasses themes of Earth's systems and environment, economic development, and social equity at local, regional, national, and international scales. Significant components of sustainability include natural resources, energy, water, food, transportation, urban and suburban planning, economic development, social equity, and ethics.

  • Bachelor of Science major in Environmental Resources
    The BS in Environmental Resources is the application of geology and other natural sciences to issues of environmental sustainability, natural resource management, resource development, and conservation. This degree prepares students for careers in environmental geology, hydrology, environmental science, resource management, environmental law, and environmental regulation.
  • Bachelor of Science major in Sustainability Studies
    The BS major in Sustainability Studies is for the student interested in careers that take an engineering, technological, or environmental approach to sustainability. The program focuses on sustainability management and implementation using both quantitative and qualitative methods. The BS program requires coursework in the math and sciences. The degree is geared toward students interested in approaches to sustainability or for those who seek to work in scientific aspects of the discipline. 
  • Bachelor of Arts major in Sustainability Studies
    The BA major in Sustainability Studies is for students interested in broad, comprehensive issues of sustainability that weave together the environment, economic development, and social equity.  Students can design coursework to focus on a number of important themes of sustainability including ethics, policy, law, activism, sustainability management, green entrepreneurialism, and a variety of other themes in consultation with their advisor.  The BA degree is designed for students interested in working in policy, planning, management, or green business development.


  • Master of Arts in Sustainability
    The Master of Arts program in Sustainability is for students seeking graduate-level experience in a particular aspect of sustainability practice. Mentors may be chosen from across the natural and social sciences, as well as in areas such as law, the humanities, business, and health sciences. Students have the option of completing either a research- or internship-based thesis.