Master’s in Health Informatics

Master of Science in Health Informatics is a 41-credit master's degree that combines an innovative curriculum with advanced training to give you a thorough understanding of current health information systems and technologies. Through the program's coursework and integrated field experience, you'll gain the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze, design, and manage health information systems for clinical, administrative, and research purposes.

Note for International Students: Health Informatics is a STEM program


  • Clinical Analyst
  • Population Health Analyst
  • Public Health Analyst
  • Program and Project Manager
  • Nurse Informatics
  • Health Care Information Systems Analyst

List of possible industry roles and job descriptions created by HIMSS.

*The starting salary for most of these positions is $75k.*

Health Informatics Is the Intersection of 3 Major Disciplines

Health Informatics is an interdisciplinary area of study that includes Health Technology, Computer Science, and Mathematics. Below are some of the significant areas that comprise healthcare analytics, which are driving the high demand for Health Informatics Specialists.

  • The modernization of Healthcare Delivery Systems, implementation of Electronic Health Records, and the Incentive - Driven Revenue Model Value Based Purchasing (VPB). 
  • The industry is being inundated with healthcare data. Healthcare data is rich and complex. It is structured or unstructured. Processing this data into information requires using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms to discover latent or hidden Insights.
Venn Diagram: Health Technology, Mathematics, Computer Science

Applying to the MS in Health Informatics Program

This 41-credit graduate program features an integrated practicum in which you’ll gain hands-on experience in health informatics areas such as electronic medical records, health information exchange and integration, and data analytics.

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The program director reviews all graduate applications and then distributes merit-based scholarships to eligible applicants. No other materials are needed other than your application to be considered for a scholarship.

Continuing students will be notified when additional scholarships become available and students can apply for them.

Please also check with your employer to see if they offer tuition remission and assistance benefits.

Get in touch with the Office of Student Financial Services to see if you qualify for need-based aid and other resources that can help fund your degree. Matriculated students may also apply for available campus jobs, which are listed in Hofstra’s student portal.

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