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Health Informatics

The 41 credit Master of Science in Health Informatics at Hofstra University located in Long Island, New York offers an innovative curriculum and advanced training for the next generation of healthcare informatics professionals who utilize the power of information technology to transform healthcare and improve the quality of patient care.

Hofstra's master in Health Informatics is designed to address the foundational concepts of information technology systems in healthcare. Graduates of the healthcare informatics program will be familiar with current health information systems and technologies and will be prepared to analyze, design and manage evolving health information systems for a wide variety of clinical, administrative and research purposes.

Components of the program include:

  • advanced training to prepare students to lead IT-based innovation and transform healthcare delivery, management, and planning
  • small class sizes
  • applied experience culminating in a six-credit practicum where students are assigned to rotations at affiliated health information system departments within various health systems such as Northwell Health to obtain hands-on training, experience, and exposure in all disciplines of healthcare informatics

Note for International Students: Health Informatics is a STEM program

Admission and Curriculum

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Career Potential

Health informaticists are, in many cases, central to the planning, implementation and evaluation of new and existing policies and procedures meant to address trends in the dynamic health services landscape.

Graduates of the Master of Science in Health Informatics program go on to careers in health services and as healthcare administrators in a number of diverse settings, including:

  • hospitals
  • managed care organizations
  • ambulatory care
  • long-term care
  • home health care facilities
  • health insurance firms
  • pharmaceutical agencies
  • consulting firms
  • electronic health records
  • government agencies (local, state, and federal)
  • nonprofit/community organizations

Positions can be held in the following areas:

  • pharmacy informatics
  • nursing informatics
  • allied health informatics
  • population health informatics
  • behavioral health informatics
  • systems analysis
  • human resources
  • operations management
  • project management
  • quality control and improvement
  • data management/research
  • policy development
  • information technology
  • strategic/financial planning
  • artificial intelligence development
  • cyber-security
  • forecasting analytics


All graduate applications are reviewed for merit-based scholarships by the program director and are distributed on a competitive basis to eligible applicants. No additional materials are needed outside of the application in order to be considered.

Continuing students may apply for additional scholarships and are alerted when this opportunity arises during the semester.

In addition, employees of hospital systems are eligible for an additional Hofstra hospital system scholarship. For more information, please contact Nicolle Tumminelli, MSED, Senior Assistant Dean.

Please also check with employers to learn more about tuition remission and assistance benefits.

Financial Aid

Applicants are encouraged to speak with representatives in the Office of Student Financial Services (516-463-8000) to inquire about need-based aid and other resources to finance their degree. Matriculated students may also apply for a variety of campus jobs, which are continually updated on the Hofstra portal.

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Gail Marcus , DHA, MBA, MSE
Program Director and Assistant Professor