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When and How to Submit an Op-Ed Piece

Tips for Submitting an Op-Ed Piece

  • One key to a successful op-ed piece is to clearly identify the issue or question. You need to explain what you are addressing and why people should care about it.
    • The piece needs to be short, approximately 750 words.
    • In general, op-ed pieces are most effective if they are specific.
    • Op-eds generally discuss topics in the news, but also may explore personal issues.
    • A successful piece is well written, it makes a point, and takes a stand.

The largest newspapers routinely receive hundreds of submissions each week for a limited number of slots, so the editors of these pages can afford to be choosy. The editor's choices reflect several factors, including what's in the news, the originality of the idea, the quality of the writing, the credentials of the writer and the personal interests of the editor.

How to Submit an Op-Ed Piece

The Public Relations Department is available to assist faculty with writing, editing and placing opinion pieces in external news outlets, including newspapers, magazines, news wires and Web sites.

We cannot guarantee placement of faculty opinion pieces in external news outlets.

Opinion pieces may be submitted by e-mail or fax.
• By e-mail, click here
• By fax: (516) 463-5146.

How to submit to Newsday and The New York Times

Newsday - "Viewpoints" occasionally publishes unsolicited opinion essays. Submit your work of 700-800 words as open text to oped@newsday.com. Do not send attachments. Please include your name, e-mail and home addresses, as well as work and home phone numbers. An editor will contact you if your article is being considered for publication. They are looking for provocative, timely articles on subjects from local to national to international. They are interested in local authors, and in commentary on local subjects.

The New York Times accepts opinion articles on any topic. The suggested length is 650 words, but submissions of any length will be considered. Articles may be sent to: oped@nytimes.com.