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Mail Center Services

The Mailroom at Hofstra University is located at 105 Butler Annex on the Southeast side of the campus. The Hofstra mailroom hours are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Mail Center handles all U.S. Postal Service mail and can assist you in all outgoing mailings.

Beginning in April 2006, the Mail Center will send all departments a monthly statement of accounts, so you can track what each individual mailing cost, the number of recipients and the timing of all of your mail.

Incoming Mail

The Hofstra mailroom processes all United States Postal Service (USPS) mail. The Mail Center does not handle any incoming UPS or FED EX letters or parcels at our location. All incoming UPS and FED EX letters are delivered directly to the addressee location, while all UPS and FED EX Parcels and packages are delivered to the physical plant building for campus distribution

Incoming letters and magazines are sorted by department and bundled together for delivery. All incoming Express mail, Certified mail, Registered and Insured mail is signed for by the mail center staff and logged in for tracking purposes before delivery. Larger items like boxes and packages too big for our mail carriers to deliver are given to Receiving and Stores for delivery.

Mail Delivery

The Hofstra Mailroom sorts all incoming mail and prepares it for campus wide distribution. The mailroom personnel make deliveries to designated drop off areas in all campus buildings every weekday morning. Mail delivery can be expected between 11:00am and 12 noon.

Mail Pick Up

Mail pick up is done when the morning mail is dropped off. Please leave all outgoing mail at the designated mail areas for pick up. We process mail throughout the day and the post office picks up at Butler Annex twice daily. The Post Office picks up twice a day, usually at 1 p.m. and at 3 p.m.

Outgoing Mail

The Hofstra mailroom can provide all USPS services. We also can provide you with the supplies you need to send out your mail. We have Express mail forms and envelopes, Certified and Registered cards and receipts. We have Priority mail envelopes and stickers.

We deal with USPS mail and services only. If your department prefers to work with UPS or FEDEX, your department may choose to use them directly. For Fed Ex supplies, forms or pick up call 1-800- GOFEDEX. For UPS supplies, forms or pick up call 1-800-PICKUPS. The Mail Center does have a limited supply of UPS or FED EX forms available.

Mail Processing

We process all types and classes of mail throughout the day. We have two mailing machines in the mail center and we are able to process large mailings with envelopes of various sizes. When you are sending mail to be processed and stamped it is best to keep all mail from your department together, this helps the mailroom keep the sorting time to a minimum.

First Class Metered Mail All general outgoing mail is metered and sent out first-class. If mail is in the morning pick-up, it will go to a postal facility that evening.

EXPRESS MAIL Express mail is an over night service. You can track Express Mail online by going to www.USPS.com You can track your package right to its destination. With the tracking number that is provided on the Express mail form.

PRIORITY MAIL Priority Mail is a guaranteed two-three day service. This service can not be tracked.

CERTIFIED MAIL This service provides the sender with mailing receipt. The delivery record is maintained by USPS. No insurance is provided. The service is available for First-Class Mail and Priority Mail. This service can be combined with restricted delivery, return receipt.

REGISTERED MAIL This service provides the most secure service offered by USPS. The USPS provides the sender with a mailing receipt and a delivery record is maintained by the USPS. A record of the mailing is maintained at the mailing post office.

All outgoing mail is charged back to your department budget. If you have a particular budget line you want the mail to be charged to please make sure the five digitORG. number is either written on the mail or that you contact the mailroom and let us know what budget line to charge your mail to. Using the proper ORG number is important so our accounting can be accurate.

Mailing Services

The Hofstra Mailroom has the ability to help you with all different kinds of mailings you might have. The Mail Center can generally handle mailings of up to 10,000 pieces internally. In order to maintain all other mail operations, mailings larger than 10,000 pieces are generally sent to an external facility for handling. The associated charges are billed back to the department.To use any Outgoing Mailing Services, please use our Mailing Request form.

The form will ensure we understand your timelines, your lists and your goals. These forms are available by clicking here or from the Mail Center.

Outgoing (bulk) mailings

First-class mailings/presort first class Personalized letters, invitations or mail that must be delivered quickly should go out first class mail. Hofstra's Mail Center does take advantage of first-class presort discounts. First class mail is generally delivered in two (Long Island) to five (West Coast) days.

Non-profit (indicia) bulk rate mailings Indicia mailings are bulk rate mailings and receive very high discounts. However, the speed of delivery is much slower. Typically, the USPS has two-three weeks in which to deliver bulk mail. Non-profit bulk mail is typically used for publications, or mass communications that are not personalized.

Business reply mailings (Postage paid returns) If you are interested in using a postage-paid reply card or envelope, you will need to have it incorporated into the design process in Creative Services, and printed as part of your job. Business reply is an excellent way of ensuring and lifting response rates, but it is extremely expensive, about 25% more than the cost of first-class postage. The Mail Center monitors and delivers incoming BRMs.


We have the ability to address a large mailing in the mail center with our addressing system. We can run your mailing lists through Mail Manager, our postal sorting software, to ensure deliverability and maximization of postal discounts. We are able to spray the addresses directly on your mail piece. Send the Mail Center the mailing list by e-mail and please use the Mailing Request Form. Our addressing software can translate lists of various formats but EXCEL is preferred. Once we receive the lists we will contact you and give you an estimate of when you can expect your mailing to be completed.


We have an inserting machine in the mailroom. We can insert up to 3 pieces of mailing material into a number 10 envelope using this machine. We can insert 4 pieces if the job is under 1000 envelopes in total. This machine will then seal the envelope. This machine is only used for #10 envelopes. Number 7 invitation envelopes do not fit in this machine and must still be inserted by hand.

Contact Information

You can reach the Mail Center at 463-6883.