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Anthony Terzulli ’23

I grew up on Long Island and always knew Hofstra was a good school, but choosing where to spend your next four years is about much more than that. One of the things that sold me was the smaller class sizes and the ability to get to know my professors. In my last couple of years, there were only 8-10 people in some classes, which really allowed me to form strong connections. I’ve never felt like just one of the numbers.

Following an internship at General Motors last summer, I will be moving to Michigan after graduation to start my career there. My time at Hofstra gave me the hands-on experience to pursue this opportunity, and the ability to roll with things and try new adventures.

I hope you find a home at Hofstra like I did.


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Long Island native Anthony Terzulli grew up with a talent for math and science, and a passion for cars.

At Hofstra, the industrial engineering major found a way to combine all three, thanks to a summer internship at General Motors that led to a full-time job after he graduates.

Anthony Terzulli

“I always knew Hofstra was a good school, and I was always really good at math and science - wanting to understand how they come together to make something work,” he said. “When I first came here, I never would have expected I would be moving to Michigan. It’s a big life change - you never really know where you are going to end up – so you have to just roll with it.”

Small class sizes, practical learning and the chance to connect with his professors helped prepare him for opportunities like the General Motors internships.

“I didn’t feel like just one of the numbers,” he said. “In a lot of my classes we did many projects that tied the material to something in the real world, rather than just reading textbooks and writing notes. That was really helpful for me because that is how I learn best – by relating it to other things.” 

Even as a commuter student, Anthony was able to find a community on campus, joining Theta Tau, the engineering fraternity.  The organization participates in community service activities such as “shake-a-rake,” where members do free yard work for the elderly. “It was really rewarding to see how thankful people were,” Terzulli said. “It was something simple – we just raked their leaves, but they were so appreciative of it.”

After graduating this May, Anthony will start a two-year program at GM, exclusively for former interns. These newly hired employees pass through four cycles, gaining experience in different departments and different positions

“You can get a taste of everything,” he said, “and discover what you are best at.”

» Anthony’s story isn’t unique. In fact, among Hofstra University’s 2020-2021 undergraduate degree recipients, 98% of alumni from the DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science who responded to our graduation survey or other reliable sources (72% knowledge rate) reported that they were employed or had started or were planning to start graduate school within one year of graduation. Visit our outcomes page at hofstra.edu/outcomes for detailed information.

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