I Got This

Heili Pesantez ’24

If you are wondering if Hofstra is a good choice for you … the answer is YES!

For me, Hofstra offered the unique opportunity to achieve a strong academic foundation close to home and close to opportunities – both on campus and in the surrounding area. I found the esteemed faculty at Hofstra to truly be experts in their respective fields and committed to delivering a top-tier education to students. Throughout my time at Hofstra, I have had mentors who consistently provided unwavering support and guidance, especially during challenging times. They helped me explore prestigious programs, internships, and scholarships, which led to my receiving the Colston Fellowship and securing my place in the graduate program at Tufts.

I will tell you what I would tell my first-year self: You're going to be fine! You have all the resources you need here at Hofstra. Just relax and go with it. You got this!

Good luck and enjoy



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Heili Pesantez is a star on the rise. The Stuart and Nancy Rabinowitz Honors College at Hofstra recognized it when they invited her to join. The Hofstra School of Health Professions and Human Services recognized it when she received one of only five Marques Colston Fellowships in health. The Diane Linder-Goldberg Child Care Institute recognized it when they offered her an internship. And Tufts University recognized it when they accepted her into their Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program.

Heili Pesantez

Most importantly, Heili has grown to recognize it in herself during her journey at Hofstra!

“Hofstra has done many things for me, including providing me an education from the NOAH (New Opportunities at Hofstra) Scholars Program. From there I was able to succeed by using all of Hofstra's resources, such as the Career Center, when I needed a resume and job opportunities, and the tutoring center, when I was struggling with bio and chem classes at the same time. Thanks to the tutoring center, I was able to ace all my classes.” 

Inside and outside the classroom, Heili got involved in many different opportunities offered at Hofstra.

“I have actively participated in multiple educational programs offered by the school. For example, I obtained CPR/AED and Narcan certifications, and Northwell Health certificates in various athletic training scenarios such as Lisfranc injuries and patellar dislocations and subluxations. I also navigated my way up to be the vice president of the Exercise Is Medicine club and pre-physical therapy club.”

“Some of my favorite memories at Hofstra are from the Honors College trips. We went to places such as the United Nations, Old Westbury Gardens, and the Summit in NYC. One time I decided to go to iFLY but I literally didn't know what I was getting myself into! I ended up swinging around on a trapeze very high in the air, and I am terrified of heights. But … I put myself out there and gave it a try. It wasn't perfect, and I wasn't the best, but that was a pretty fun memory from my time at Hofstra.”

What’s next for this star on the rise? 

“After immersing myself in my major, I discovered a health informatics class that piqued my interest and provided valuable insights into the healthcare field, particularly with regard to HIPAA regulations. Seeking to further my professional development, I sought guidance from the Career Center, and thanks to their support, I successfully secured a position as a patient care coordinator. In this role, I will serve as the primary liaison for patients, physicians, and clinic personnel, which involves reviewing medical charts, facilitating open communication channels, and proposing service enhancements to address recurring patient concerns and complaints. This experience will serve me well when I enter the Tufts doctorate program in the fall.”

» Heili’s story isn’t unique. In fact, among Hofstra University’s 2021-2022 undergraduate degree recipients, 95% of alumni from the School of Health Sciences reported they were employed or had started or were planning to start graduate school within one year of graduation. Results are based on data collected from the Alumni Outcomes survey, LinkedIn, National Student Clearinghouse, and Hofstra enrollment (75% knowledge rate). Visit our outcomes page at hofstra.edu/outcomes for detailed information.

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