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Shahzaib Saleem ’24

There were many reasons that I chose to go to the Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell  ̶  the unique curriculum, small-group collaboration, emphasis on self-directed learning, and the school’s technologic proficiency. Most importantly, the people and the environment were fantastic! Everyone was smiling, there was natural light in the building, the faculty was committed to student education … and it was close to home!

I’m about to leave this great place and head to Dallas for my pathology residency at UT Southwestern. While I pursue forensic pathology, I have also developed a passion for medical education furthered by my time here at Hofstra. At the Zucker School of Medicine, I was able to get quality medical education, develop my skills as a researcher and educator, and access world-class medical practice. That’s hard to beat!

Looking back, I will remember the people at Hofstra the most. My peers have been so amazing these last four years. I will miss seeing them every day, spending time with them in class, relaxing in the lounge, or playing volleyball on the lawn  ̶  every moment was a blast.

I wish the same for you on your college journey!


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A commuter student from Elmont, NY, Shahzaib benefited from the school location.

“It was close to home, so I could be home while in medical school. That was important to me,” Shahzaib said. 


Commuting to and from school didn’t stop him from getting involved, however. Specifically, Shahzaib dove deep into the research that interested him the most. 

“I participated in research where I looked at the role of tumor markers in predicting behavior and prognosis of meningiomas, a common type of brain cancer. It was the perfect project for me because it sat at the interface of neurosurgery, which I had originally intended to do, and pathology. It exposed me to more pathology applications, and ultimately helped me make my decision to switch. I got to present this research at multiple conferences.”

Shahzaib credits the support of faculty and staff as key to his success and enjoyment during his time at Hofstra. Some in particular stood out as being strong influencers on his future plans.

“My biggest mentor is Dr. Elkowitz, our main pathology lecturer and one of our associate deans. He inspired me to do pathology and encouraged me to think about education as a career, which I had been interested in since high school. Other mentors are Dr. Michael Esposito and Dr. Alex Williamson, both fantastic pathology educators who piqued my curiosity in pathology and also helped me on my journey.

 College life isn’t all about the classroom, and Shahzaib was able to have a social life and find his community while he was figuring out his future. 

“One of my favorite memories at Hofstra was our first annual Eid Banquet. We got to celebrate the end of Ramadan as a community, share what the holiday means to us, listen to some powerful speakers in medicine, and enjoy some great food! It was an excellent turnout, and I had a great time.”

Shahzaib Saleem’s Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell Commencement Awards 2024:

Medical Education Award- Awarded to a graduating medical student who has demonstrated excellence, commitment, and impact on education at the Zucker School of Medicine.

Departmental Awards- Chosen by members of departments for outstanding performance and exceptional patient care during clinical rotations.

  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
  • Science Education

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