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Intercultural Engagement & Inclusion

Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion (IEI) aims to work closely with students, faculty, administration, and staff to develop programs and initiatives that enable the campus community to explore identity, enhance intercultural competence, and develop skills to build an inclusive campus climate. IEI works to create a vibrant and supportive community that celebrates differences and promotes unity. Students have opportunities for cultural exchange and personal growth through thoughtfully curated programs and initiatives. IEI fosters an inclusive campus environment where students, faculty, and staff feel valued, respected, and heard to create a sense of belonging.

The IEI staff is responsible for planning and implementing cultural awareness and diversity education programming for the students at Hofstra University. In addition, the staff works closely with the student cultural clubs and organizations, which provide students with opportunities to explore their cultural identity and find community through peer support, while also learning about other cultures. IEI collaboration with active student cultural clubs and organizations assists in providing spaces for connections, advocacy, and celebration of various cultures and identities. The IEI staff welcomes everyone, no matter how they identify, to not only recognize the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion but actively embrace them as a source of strength.

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Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion

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