Zarb School of Business

Marketing, International Business and Legal Studies

Come out of Zarb ready to step into the fields of marketing, international business, or legal studies.

About the Department

Gain a deep understanding of consumer behavior and skills to market products and services across industries or launch a career in international business.

Be ready to take your next step through our industry-focused courses led by accomplished faculty, internships at leading companies, and active student organizations. Learn from our Advisory Board of executives who are at the ready to provide insights and mentorship.

Inside the classroom, you will learn about marketing, international business, and the legal and ethical environment of domestic and international business through our courses including Business-to-Business Marketing; Digital Marketing; Export/Import Marketing; Global Business Policies, Planning and Strategies; Global Fashion Marketing; Integrated Marketing Campaigns; International Marketing; Introduction to International Business; Marketing Planning and Strategy; Nonprofit Marketing; Social Media Marketing; Sports Marketing; and more.

Marketing and International Business

Career Paths

Tap into skills gained at Zarb by following a marketing or international business career path in these and other sectors:

  • Advertising
  • Digital marketing
  • Fashion marketing
  • Imports/exports
  • Integrated marketing
  • International business
  • Market research
  • Sales

Behavioral Research in Business Laboratory

In our state-of-the-art facility, we conduct multidisciplinary research into human behaviors and their effects on business.

Degree Programs

Our undergraduate, graduate, dual-degree, and certificate programs span marketing and international business.

Business Administration (BBA) Undergraduate Majors and Dual-Degrees

Major in International Business or Marketing. You can also complete your undergraduate and graduate degrees in as little as five years with our BBA/MS in Marketing, Marketing/Marketing Research, or our BBA/MBA program.

Graduate Programs

Learn about our Master of Science in Marketing; our MBA degrees in International Business and Marketing; and our certificate programs.

Get involved and lead

Join our student organizations and gain invaluable experience outside of the classroom.

Learn More

Minor in Social Media Marketing

Learn skills to launch a career in social media marketing.

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