About Us

Welcome to Hofstra's Department of Mathematics! We offer a comprehensive program in undergraduate mathematics, with optional tracks in applied mathematics, elementary or secondary education, actuarial science, computer science, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Math majors have gone on to successful careers in teaching, finance, industry, law, medicine, and actuarial science, in addition to graduate work in the sciences, business, and statistics.

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Mission Statement

Mathematics is distinguished from other disciplines both by its abstraction and by its logical rigor. Our primary mission is to develop our students’ ability to think mathematically when framing and answering questions that arise within our discipline and others.

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Learning Goals and Objectives

Read about the learning goals and objectives of the Department of Mathematics.

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Department Administration

Professor Sylvia Silberger 
306A Roosevelt
Phone: (516) 463-5570

Professor Behailu Mammo
311 Roosevelt Hall
Phone: (516) 463-8693

Christine Jutt
306 Roosevelt
Phone: (516) 463-5570

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the Department of Mathematics.