Internships are short-term positions with public and private employers that give you practical work experience while you're still in school. You can use an internship to explore a profession, to build your résumé, and to earn money or credit (see MATH 185 - (MA) Mathematics Internship).

In some industries, it's almost impossible to get hired full-time without first completing an internship. And many internships turn into full-time jobs after graduation, since employers are more likely to hire someone they already know well. Recent graduates from our department have held internships in banking, insurance, and finance, and at government labs and agencies.

To land a good internship and spare yourself stress, start early. For a summer position, you can prepare a well-edited résumé and begin identifying potential employers in late fall or January.

To find an internship, look at the websites of companies or government agencies you'd like to work for. You can also research internships and get résumé help through Hofstra's Career Hub.

For more help, call the Hofstra Center for Career Design and Development at 516-463-6060 or email the Center for Career Design and Developments HCLAS liaison Sabeen Sheikh.

Some online resources on internships:

  • Internship Opportunities - This site lists internships related to statistics.
    Maintained by the American Statistical Association