New Opportunities at Hofstra

The New Opportunities at Hofstra Program (NOAH) has provided highly motivated and diverse students with access to higher education at one of the country’s finest postsecondary institutions since the program’s inception in 1964. Today, the NOAH Program provides academic, financial and social support resources for students from lower-socioeconomic backgrounds who attend Hofstra University.

As an accepted Hofstra University and NOAH scholar, you will be required to complete a free five-week Pre-Freshman Summer Academy prior to entering Hofstra in the fall. Your summer course schedule is determined by your individual academic needs, and will expose you to first-year courses and activities, ensuring a smooth entry into university life.

Our Program

About NOAH

The famous words of civil rights pioneer and advocate Frederick Douglass, "If there is no struggle, there is no progress," captures the character and spirit of NOAH Scholars, who are perennially among Hofstra's most distinguished alumni.

Alumni Engagement

NOAH alumni are among Hofstra’s most distinguished graduates. You are leaders in your fields and advocates in your communities. We value the experiences and inspiration that you bring to current NOAH scholars. Please take a few minutes to let us know where you are and how you would like to get involved.


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Instructional Staff

Rhetta I. Bell, Mathematics

Lelithe Hyde, Critical Writing

Cliff Jernigan, NOAH Scholars Seminar

Lashera Smith, Critical Writing 

Mukunda Tejada-Lewis, Mathematics

Administrative Staff

Roosevelt Smith Jr.Associate Dean Director Email

Deysi M. AguilarAssistant Dean Email

Alejandra Arce, Assistant to the Director Email

New Opportunities at Hofstra Scholars Program (NOAH)
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