Provost's Office

Prestigious Scholarships

Hofstra University encourages all of its students to explore the possibility of outside grants and scholarships to expand their undergraduate and/or graduate studies.

A funded learning opportunity can change your life and boost your career. Many generous grants and scholarships are available that provide financial support for a limited term (months or years) but also remain with you as a lifelong distinction.

  • A serious application requires careful planning and consideration.
  • Start early and talk to as many people as possible about your application, project proposals, essays, and plans.
  • Scholarships are very competitive and generally a student needs a GPA well over a 3.0 and generally above a 3.5 to be a solid candidate.
  • Always examine the eligibility requirements for any scholarship of interest.
  • To get started, speak to professors and advisors in your field of interest, and to the designated campus scholarship coordinator for a particular opportunity.


Contact Associate Provost for Academic Affairs Suzanne Pike, who also serves as a prestigious scholarship advisor in the Office of the Provost.