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Accessing the Mid-Semester Advisory

Accessing the Mid-Semester Advisory

According to the Faculty Senate’s  Mid-Semester Advisory policy, it is expected that students receive early advisory that reflects on their progress in their courses. The policy applies to all fall and spring full-term undergraduate courses. The mid-semester advisory is a simple indication of student performance to date:  “satisfactory” / “reason for concern”.  Mid semester advisories should be submitted by the seventh week of the Fall and Spring semester. The mid-semester advisory does not get computed directly into the final grade for the course.

By week four of the Fall and Spring semester, faculty will receive an email message requesting their feedback about the academic progress of undergraduate students enrolled in each class they teach. Faculty can submit progress reports to students using the link in email or by logging in to access the link through the portal. Please note: all comments written are visible to students.

Through the Email

Click on the latest email reminder about Mid-Semester Advisories. 

Scroll to link at the bottom of the email.

Through the Portal

  1. Log onto the Hofstra Portal
  2. Scroll down to the “NAVIGATE Advisor” icon.
  3. Toggle over “Staff” on the upper left side of the page; switch to “Professor.”
  4. Click on the yellow highlighted link in the upper center of the page. C

How to Issue Mid-Semester Advisories (MSA)

Directions on how to issue mid-semester advisories

Beside the name of each student in your course, you can document whether you have reason for concern about academic performance.

If you choose to submit information beyond  “satisfactory” / “reason for concern,”  you can

  • state the reason for concern
  • document the number of absences
  • enter current grade
  • insert additional comments—sent directly to students.