Residence Life

Medical Waste Policy

Medical Waste in the Residence Halls Policy

Medical waste is any biological waste that is capable of releasing or exposing potentially infectious communicable disease to another person during handling of items, such as sharps or needles,that are contaminated with any bodily fluids. All medical waste must be disposed of in the appropriate container according to University policy.

What are Sharps?

Sharps are any device capable of cutting or piercing such as: hypodermic, intravenous, or other medical needles, hypodermic or intravenous syringes to which a needle or other sharp is still attached, broken glass items that have come in contact with biological waste.

Sharps shall not include those parts of syringes from which sharps are specifically designed to be easily removed and from which sharps have actually been removed, and which are intended for recycling or other disposal, so long as such syringes have not come in contact with potentially infectious communicable materials.

Management of Sharps and Sharps Containers

All sharps must be placed into specialized sharps containers that you have supplied or is provided in your residence hall for disposal. Sharps containers must be made of a rigid material (i.e. plastic). Sharps containers must be puncture resistant, leak proof on the sides and bottom, properly labeled and closable. Each sharps container must either be labeled with the universal biohazard symbol and the word “biohazard” or be color-coded red. Sharps containers must be maintained upright throughout use, replaced routinely, and not be allowed to overfill. For more information, please contact

Need to dispose of a full Sharps Container?

Bring your secured sharps container to Student Health Services in the Wellness and Campus Living Center for disposal.