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The Student Government Association (SGA) is Hofstra University’s student-run governing body and is composed of full-time undergraduate students that act as a liaison between Hofstra students and the University’s faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees. SGA has three branches: the Senate, Cabinet, and Judicial Panel. In addition to serving as the primary representative for the interest of the student body on a University level, SGA plans and executes multiple programs and initiatives throughout the academic year, and oversees the finances of over 180 clubs and organizations. Any undergraduate student who meets the minimum GPA requirement and is eligible to vote in SGA elections is eligible to join! The more passionate students we have working with us, the more we can do for Hofstra, so consider joining SGA during our next round of elections!

SGA is involved in addressing student concerns and the betterment of student life. Currently, SGA is split into two committee categories: Logistic and Advocacy. Logistic committees include Appropriations, Club Resources, Communications and Programming. The Advocacy committees are Academic Affairs, Equity and Inclusion, Facilities and Operations, and Wellness and Campus Safety. All of these committees work to advance the needs and interests of the student body, as well as support and assist clubs in their endeavors. With all that Hofstra offers, all you need is the motivation and desire to get involved. Let SGA help you find your home on campus.

Student Government Association Cabinet

President Tara Stark is a senior from Plainview, New York studying History and Sociology. Vice President Alexa Osner is a senior from Palatine Illinois studying Public Policy with a minor in women studies and history.

While campus events and programming may be looking different this semester, as President and Vice President Tara and Alexa are committed to ensuring the student’s voice remains strong and loud. This year, Tara and Alexa have a collection of three main campaign points that they will be holding themselves accountable to.

  • First, Tara and Alexa will be working to develop a leadership program for first years with the hopes to aid in their year’s transition to college.
  • Next, they also hope to advocate for marginalized identity-based groups on campus by reframing the way they have advocated for these groups in the past.
  • Finally, with the current pandemic, Tara and Alexa are committed to ensuring that students come first with the reopening of Hofstra’s campus.

Tara and Alexa are committed to facing the challenges of the upcoming school year together and paving a brighter path forward.

Cabinet is the executive body of SGA. They direct the activities of their committee to best benefit the Student Body. The Cabinet is composed of the chairs committees, along with the president, vice president, secretary and comptroller.

  • Charlie Greenberg is a senior at Hofstra studying Rhetorical Studies in Public Advocacy with a focus in Speech Communication and a minor in General Business. This will be Charlie’s 2nd year as secretary for Student Government. Previously, Charlie has been a Senator on the Public Relations and Student Services Committee. While Secretary he changed the way rooms are reserved when needed for events and meetings, along with regular check-ins with the office of Events Management. He is also looking forward to making changes at Hofstra whether classes are in person or being held online.
  • Nick Cote is a third-year finance major. He has served in SGA for two years, one as a Senator and another as the Appropriations Committee Chair. Now, as Comptroller, he looks forward to working with the rest of SGA and the Hofstra Administration to provide a great experience for Hofstra students. In his role, he wants to ensure proper funds get to our student organizations and to help all of them succeed.
  • Aaron Liebowitz is a sophomore at Hofstra University, he is studying Film Studies & Production and Classics. As Appropriations Chair he strives to enforce policies as accurately as possible to ensure that organizations are being represented and funded efficiently. He also continues to ensure the implementation of effective treasurer trainings, and budget review sessions which allow treasurers to be best prepared to submit their budgets. These plans all derive from his desire to forge positive relationships and connections between the Student Government and other organizations.
  • Kristin Ortiz is a sophomore at Hofstra, and is studying Neuroscience with a minor in Spanish. She is the Club Resources Chair for SGA, a member of Phi Delta Epsilon, and a member of AMWA. As Club Resources Chair, she aims to help and support all clubs at Hofstra.
  • Antonella is a senior English major with a concentration in Publishing Studies and a minor in Public Relations. She has been in SGA for three years as a Senator and Social Chair before becoming Communications Chair. Other than Student Government, Antonella is a writer for Her Campus Hofstra and a Student Aide for the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement. As Communications Chair she hopes to provide transparency between SGA and the student body while also publicizing all important events for SGA and the clubs it oversees via social media.
  • Alexa Paturzo is a junior political science major on a pre-law track. Prior to being elected to Cabinet as SGA’s Programming Chair, Alexa was elected to SGA in the spring of 2019 where she also served as the Programming Deputy. Alexa’s goal as Chair is to strive to augment overall school spirit by promoting and assisting programming put on by all sectors of the student body including SGA, clubs, and athletics. She also plans to work to program despite the challenges that the pandemic has caused. Other than SGA, Alexa is a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, where she holds a G-Board position, as well as beginning a role as a peer teacher in the political science department.
  • Khiya Connolly-Sisk is a junior double majoring in Classics and Political Science. She is starting her second year in SGA and is the Academic Affairs Chair. Khiya is focused on creating classroom environments more conducive to what’s happening in the world today, specifically in terms of accessibility. She hopes to address this by working with her committee parallel to a multitude of offices on campus. She looks forward to being a part of the 85th!
  • Will Germaine is a sophomore at Hofstra, and is studying Biochemistry with a double minor in Radio,Television & Film and Community Health. He is the Equity and Inclusion Chair for SGA, a member of Hofstra's Black Student Union, American Medical Students Association and Hofstra Gospel Association. As Equity and Inclusion chair, he aims to create an inclusive environment for all students.
  • Bernice is a junior at Hofstra studying marketing in the Frank G. Zarb School of Business. She is the Facilities and Operations chair for SGA'S 85th Senate. Apart from SGA, Bernice is also involved in Phi Sigma Sigma, sitting on the e-council as the Spirit and Activities chair. The Facilities and Operations committee focuses on how to best amplify student voices through improving and innovating Hofstra's facilities. This year, the committee will be focused on improving the library, residence life, and sustainability. The committee will also be working closely with administration to address changes on campus due to COVID-19. As committee chair, Bernice hopes to improve communication of student opinion to administration in regard to student life at Hofstra.
  • David O’Brien is a junior studying political science. This is his third year in SGA and second year serving as the Wellness & Campus Safety Chair. His main goal is to work with administration to ensure all students have the proper resources to feel welcomed and protected while living and learning on campus. In addition to SGA, David has been involved on campus with Masquerade Musical Theatre and represented Hofstra as a Family Orientation Leader.

The Student Government Association (SGA) Judicial Panel is the highest judicial body within the Student Government Association at Hofstra University and is comprised of five full-time undergraduate students elected by the student body. The Judicial Panel has original jurisdiction with issues between SGA and its consistory, two or more SGA Clubs, SGA and a SGA Club, a SGA Club and a student of Hofstra University, and Student Activities (enforcing an SGA policy) and a SGA Club or a student of Hofstra University. In addition, the Judicial Panel has appellate jurisdiction with issues between the Sports Board and a Sports Club, the Inter-Fraternity/Sorority Council (IFSC) and Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC), Multic-Cultural Fraternity and Sorority Council (MFSC), or the Panhellenic Association (PHC), and the Inter-Fraternity/Sorority Council (IFSC), and any fraternity or sorority.

Palak Maniani

The Senatorial branch is the highest legislative authority in the Student Government Association, and has the ability to pass minutes and approve the actions of all standing committees, including allocations of funds. It further is the body that discusses and debates changes to SGA policies and approves resolutions to be passed up to various offices in the University. Senate meetings follow the rules of Parliamentary Procedure and are chaired by the SGA Vice President.

The full-time undergraduate student body elects the Senate. Each Senator represents one hundred fifty (150) of his or her fellow students. Senators serve on one of six standing Committees. Each Committee is chaired by a Senator elected to do so by the full Senate. These Chairs serve as both members of the Senate and as members of the Cabinet, the executive body of SGA, and direct the activities of their committee to best benefit the student body. Every committee reports directly to the full Senate.

Unless otherwise voted upon, the Senate must meet at least once per full week of classes during the academic year. Senators are obligated to attend both their Committee meetings and Senate meetings, with attendance being monitored and managed by the Ethics and Conduct Chair. At Senate meetings, pending legislation is discussed and voted on, clubs seeking to be recognized SGA are voted for approval, and each member of Cabinet, including the President, Vice President, and all of the Committee Chairs, has the opportunity to give a report on their committees' actions.

Senate meets Thursday at 6 PM in the Student Center Greenhouse. Meetings are open to the public.

Joining the Student Government Association can be a life-changing event. If you are looking for a way to get involved, SGA may be the place for you. SGA members are provided countless opportunities for networking, enhancing social skills, gaining professional experience and advancing leadership skills. Hofstra’s Student Government Associating hosts Fall and Spring Elections for any full-time undergraduate student interested in serving the student body.

When you decide to join SGA, you can join as a Senator or Justice (election based), or an Associate (Application based). For more information on how to get involved, contact or

Missed the last election, but still wanting to be involved with SGA? Become an Associate and help SGA help the student body. Associates are eligible to vote at committee meetings. If you're interested in becoming an Associate, contact for more information.

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