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Summer Orientation

Orientation Staff

The orientation staff are the backbone of our New Student Orientation and Welcome Week programs. They are representatives of Hofstra University and one of the first connections our new students make on campus. We are seeking motivated undergraduate students to join our team of Orientation Leaders and Welcome Week Coordinators!

  • Description

    Orientation Leaders (OLs) are Hofstra students who help incoming first-year and transfer students with the transition to the academic and co-curricular life on campus. During the summer New Student Orientation program, OLs facilitate small groups of incoming students, lead them through the orientation program, and provide them with an informative and honest look at college life.

    Welcome Week Coordinators (WWCs) are Hofstra students who plan Welcome Week, part two of orientation that occurs right before classes begin. WWCs assist with planning many events and activities for new students, hire the volunteer Welcome Week Leaders, and many other things to ensure it is a fun and educational program.

    Both positions are the most sought after leadership positions on campus and work together on each program. Both OLs and WWCs work from May-August to welcome our newest members of the pride.

  • Responsibilities
    • Facilitate transitional programs for first-year students, transfer students, and their families.
    • Assist the course registration and academic planning process.
    • Portray Hofstra University, its policies, services, resources, and campus life in a professional manner to new students and their families.
    • Lead workshops, presentations, and discussions to provide students with information and perspectives on campus life.
  • Commitments
    • Must reside on campus in housing provided by New Student Programs when the New Student Orientation program is in session. Housing will be provided for the duration of the employment period and staff and there will be no lapse in housing for those who live on campus during the academic year.
    • Commit to working Monday-Friday during the summer. Actual dates and hours worked will vary based upon New Student Orientation and training schedules. OLs and WWCs must refrain from assuming another job responsibility, or engaging in conflicting outside commitments during the period of summer employment. OLs are permitted to also hold the Resident Assistant position, but may not take summer classes. WWCs are permitted to take summer classes, but may not also be Resident Assistants.
    • Both positions can take time off, and away from campus, during the summer, when the program is not in session, typically the week of July 4 and once the final orientation session concludes, though time varies for OLs and WWCs.
  • Qualifications
    • Be a matriculated undergraduate student
    • Must have no active judicial sanctions
    • Must have a 2.75 or above grade point average
    • Strong interpersonal, communication, public speaking, and problem-solving skills
    • Willing to try new things!
  • Compensation and Employment Benefits

    Specific details about compensation will be provided at information sessions, however each staff member is provided with:

    • A Stipend, paid biweekly
    • A meal card
    • Group meals during the program
    • On campus housing during the employment period
    • Orientation staff apparel (two polos, one tee shirt, and a backpack) which will be your uniform while working
    • Learn leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. Gain and understanding of large-scale event management.
  • Application Process
    1. Our application process will allow you to apply for the OL position, the WWC position, or to be considered for both.
    2. Attend an information session. Information sessions will give more details about employment requirements and dates, as well as compensation and benefits.
        • 2018 Information Session Dates:
      12/7/18 Friday 4:00 PM Student Center Plaza East
      12/12/18 Wednesday 4:00 PM Student Center MPR East
      2/6/19 Wednesday 11:30 AM Student Center 143
      2/7/19 Thursday 4:00 PM Student Center 143
      2/8/19  Friday 11:00 AM   Student Center Plaza West
      2/8/19  Friday 2:00 PM Student Center Plaza West
      2/11/19 Monday 6:00 PM Student Center 143
    3. Submit your application, which will include a resume, statement of interest, and two professional references. Details on how to submit your application will be given in the information session.
    4. By invitation only: attend a group interview session. Group interviews allow us to observe your interactions with others and ability to work as part of a team.
    5. By invitation only: attend an individual interview. The individual interview is the last step in the selection process for orientation staff.
    6. Application information will be distributed at each information session.
  • Contact Us

    If you have any questions about any aspect of the orientation leader selection process that are not answered on this page, please email orientation[at]hofstra.edu

Meet the Orientation Staff
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True Campus Leaders

Hofstra Orientation Leader Recruitment from Hofstra Orientation on Vimeo.

“All of the OLs really cared about what they were doing, and were all high energy and approachable. It helped me with a bunch of my fears I had going into college, and it got me fired up for starting the school year in the fall. It was an overall good experience.”

“I am commuting to Hofstra in the upcoming years and I was scared that this orientation would be the only opportunity in a while to make friends. I have visited the campus multiple times but still didn't have a grasp idea of where everything was. Throughout this orientation, I had made a really great group of friends, including my roommates, people from my group, plus more. I have a better understanding where everything is situated and I think I know more about the university now after my orientation than I did prior to this session. It was a great experience to be away from home for a few days and I know 100% that I had picked the right university for me.”

- Member of the Class of 2022