Tk20 Assessment Program

Cooperating Teachers

Troubleshooting Tk20 Login Difficulties

We hope the login procedure goes smoothly, but if you have any difficulties, try the following steps:

  • When you get your e-mail with your login information, the natural inclination for most tech-savvy people is to do a copy/paste from your e-mail into the login screen, so that you don’t mis-type any letters or numbers.  In 99% of the time that works just fine.  However, for some idiosyncratic reason, sometimes it doesn’t.  If this happens to you, try actually typing in the username and password directly.
  • If you do resort to typing them in directly, be aware that the username and password are case sensitive.  They have to be typed in exactly as given to you.  Most usernames consist of your first initial, last name, and a series of numbers, many of which are 0000.  Just note that these are zeros, and not capital O’s.
  • We get a number of calls from cooperating teachers who may have logged on sometime in the past, perhaps in an earlier field placement, and as part of Tk20’s procedures, they have changed their passwords to a new one.  Then they log on again months later, and without thinking about it, they log on with the original password.   If that happens to you, there is a link to have your password sent to you, but there have been some technical difficulties on Tk20’s end with that procedure.  So instead, please e-mail John Adomavicius for assistance.


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