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European Studies

Add a European studies minor to your major in history, foreign language, business, global studies, geography, journalism, art, music, or any other number of academic areas. This program benefits students preparing to pursue careers in government, foreign affairs, international business, education, the arts, and translation, as well as students planning to earn advanced degrees in European studies and European Union studies and law.


Why European Studies?

As a European studies minor, you'll take a wide array of courses in contemporary and historic Europe. These classes in politics, history, languages, economics, and culture will give you a better understanding of the foundations of Western civilization and the linkage Europe has with the rest of the world.

More about the minor

While the European studies program is interdisciplinary in nature, it lives in the Department of Political Science. Students are required to fulfill semester hours in the categories of “Foundations of Europe,” “Contemporary Europe,” “Ideas and Culture of Europe,” as well as electives in the humanities and the social sciences.

European studies minors must also satisfy the BA language requirement or demonstrate competency in an approved European language other than English. While it is not mandated, European studies minors are strongly encouraged to reach level 4 in their language studies or its equivalent.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad provides students with an enhanced global perspective and understanding, which is beneficial not only academically but also professionally. The experience inspires personal and emotional growth. Students who have studied, worked, and lived abroad receive a unique educational experience that opens doors to new opportunities and career paths.  

In addition to Hofstra programs, many of our students have studied abroad in Europe for a semester or a summer through non-Hofstra programs or through other options.


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