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Cultural Center
1935: The Reality and the Promise

In Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Hofstra University


The Reality and the Promise

Thursday, Friday and Saturday
April 7, 8 and 9, 2011

Hofstra University commemorates 75 years of higher education with a multidisciplinary retrospective of the arts, sciences and social structure of the world as it was when our first class of students began their studies. 1935 was a year still in the throes of a global depression. The great democracy that had stunned the world with it's industrial magic was reeling under the weight of joblessness, frustration and confrontation, while across Europe the specter of a war was looming once again. And yet it was a year of new beginnings in our nation; a New Deal working to restore the economy, a cautious release from provincialism, advances in science and medicine, and a glimmer of hope in the struggle for a more just society.

To better understand this momentous time in history and to appreciate its lessons for the present, we have invited scholars and artists from all disciplines who will present papers and musical performances exploring the reality and the promise of events, programs, personalities and culture, from the local to the global, in the year of our institution's birth.

How many Faces of 1935 can you identify?
Move your mouse over their faces to see their identities.

1935: The Reality and the Promise