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All Hofstra community members are directly responsibility for their user account and password and the way these credentials are used. Please follow these guidelines to ensure the security and strength of your password.


  • Exercise caution in keeping passwords confidential. Passwords should not be shared with anyone, including anyone at Hofstra.
  • Never share your password over the phone or send it in an email.
  • Refrain from writing down your password or storing it online.
  • Change your password immediately if you suspect that someone else knows or has used it.
  • Create a unique password for Hofstra; don’t use your Hofstra password for other sites.
  • Refrain from using the “Remember Password” or “Keep me Logged in” feature in a browser, email software or website. Often these features store passwords in an unprotected manner allowing others to view your password.


Bad passwords contain words found in any dictionary. Avoid including the following in passwords:

  • Names of family, pets, friends, co-workers, fantasy characters, etc.
  • Computer terms and names, commands, sites, companies, hardware, software.
  • The words “Hofstra” "hof", "univ" or any derivation.
  • Birthdays and other personal information such as addresses, birth dates and phone numbers.
  • Word or number patterns like aaabbb, qwerty, zyxwvuts, 123321, etc.
  • Any of the above spelled backwards.
  • Any of the above preceded or followed by a digit. (e.g., secret1, 1secret)

Good passwords are strong. Strong passwords are unique, contain more than 8 characters and include at least one number AND a special character.

Try to create passwords that you can remember easily. One way to do this is create a password based on a song title, movie line, affirmation, or other phrase. For example, the phrase might be: "This May Be One Way To Remember" and the password could be: "TmB1w2R!" or some other variation


To assist you in selecting a strong password, the University requires passwords that

  • Contain at least 8, but no more than 16 characters
  • Start with a letter
  • Contain at least one numeral. Passwords cannot end with a number
  • Include one of the following characters ! + _ . - *
  • Do not reuse a password you have used before
  • Avoid using your name or part of your name in the password

CHANGE OR RESET YOUR PASSWORD NOW? Visit the My.Hofstra.edu portal. If you cannot login with your password, click the "Forgot your password?" button. If you can login to the portal, click the "My Account" icon at the top and select "Change Password". Follow the instructions on the webpage to reset your password.

Get help? Contact the Help Desk by phone at (516) 463-7777.

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