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Office 365 Information at Hofstra University

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Updating a Windows PC to connect to your Office 365 account

For Hofstra employees using Windows and Outlook 2007 or 2010 on a personally-owned computer

This article applies to users updating a personally-owned Windows computer to access their Hofstra employee e-mail account at its new location on Office 365. If you have a Hofstra-owned PC, your computer should install the required updates automatically.

Your computer must meet the Office 365 system requirements in order to connect to your mailbox after the transition.

Office 365 Web Access is a convenient alternative to installing Outlook on your personal computer.

If you need assistance, or have a question about this article, please call the Help Desk at 516-463-7777, or e-mail help@hofstra.edu.

Web browser

Open a Web browser and go to http://portal.microsoftonline.com.

Office 365 sign-in screen

Enter your user ID (your full Hofstra.edu e-mail address) and e-mail password.

Click Sign In.

Resources pane

In the right-most column, under the Resources heading, click Downloads.

Set up button

On the Downloads page, click the Set Up button to continue.

If prompted to run or save the file, click run and skip to step 6.

If you save the downloaded file, be sure to note where you're saving it (e.g. the desktop or a downloads folder). You'll need this file in the next step.

Locating the downloaded file

Locate the file, called setup_en.exe and double-click its icon to run it.

Verifying applicaton requirements

A Launching Application window will appear while the tool is initializing.

Microsoft Office 365 Desktop Setup sign in

Enter your user ID (your full Hofstra.edu e-mail address) and e-mail password.

Click Sign In.

Examine the computer

The Microsoft Office 365 Desktop Setup tool will connect to the Internet to determine what Microsoft software updates are required for your computer (if any).

Follow the prompts to proceed through the Desktop Setup tool.

Updates to install

The tool will present you with a list of required updates and applications to configure. Follow the prompts to finish updating your computer.

All done!

Once all required updates and configuration changes have been completed, your computer is ready to go! Once your account transitions to Office 365, Outlook will automatically connect to your mailbox at its new location.

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