Hofstra University Bioethics Center

Certificate in Clinical Bioethics

Course Description

The nine-month program teaches bioethics through the lens of medicine, law and narrative.  Alongside academic coursework, the course incorporates a clinical skills component that will allow course participants to learn- and be assessed in- clinical competencies in preparation for real-life consultations in medical settings. Upon completion of the program participants will have the critical tools needed to analyze and assess ethics cases, participate in ethics consultations and serve on hospital ethics committees. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a Certificate in Clinical Bioethics.

For additional information about the course, or the Bioethics Center, please visit us at the Bioethics Center site or visit the Certificate in Clinical Bioethics Application page.

Application Process

To apply, please submit a current resume or CV and a completed application form (available as a PDF on our website) via the Certificate in Clinical Bioethics Application page.

New for Spring 2020
Clinical Bioethics Immersion Course (CBIC)

An intensive new course in clinical bioethics will be made available (beginning in the spring 2019) to students in our Clinical Bioethics Certificate program (as well as program graduates). Participants in the new course will have the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills acquired in the existing Bioethics Certificate program in the clinical setting with the Northwell Health ethics consultation service. That service conducts more than 250 consultations annually.

The Clinical Ethics Bioethics Immersion Course is a weekly practical hospital-based intensive immersion learning experience. The one-on-one immersion component of the course will be tailored to the individual participant's learning needs, and will include a focused study of a specialty within clinical ethics.

Participants will have the opportunity to round with Northwell clinical ethicists, respond to case consultations as they naturally arise, simulate a family meeting, develop chart note skills, present ethics cases at weekly Ethics Overview meetings and discuss clinical ethics practice with program faculty as it occurs in various parts of the hospital. In addition, participants will participate in simulated ethics consultation.

Length of course is currently 4 weekly meetings

Who is eligible for Clinical Bioethics Immersion Course (CBIC)?

Students who are enrolled in the Hofstra Clinical Bioethics Certificate Course for 2019-2020.

Students who have already completed the Hofstra Clinical Bioethics Certificate Course and have received a certificate of completion may also apply.

Who Should Apply

Our students include physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers, clergy, hospital administrators, lawyers, judges, law and medical students, and other professionals who would benefit from a foundation in clinical bioethics.


Tuition for the nine-month Bioethics Certificate Course is $6900.00.

Tuition for the Clinical Bioethics Immersion Course is $1500.00

(You must enroll in the Clinical Bioethics Certificate Course to be considered for the CBIC).

Payment Plans Available! Please contact Student Financial Services at 516-463-8000 or go to Payment Plans.

Continuing Education Credits

The cost of the program includes both Continuing Legal Education and Continuing Medical Education credits.