2021 Camp Dates

Session 1: June 28 - July 9
Session 2: July 12 - July 23
Session 3: July 26 - Aug 6
Session 4: Aug 9 - Aug 13

Note: Camp is closed Monday, July 5th.

Summer Camp 2021 Open House Dates

Important Dates

Medication Drop Off Days


A Medication Request Form must be filled out by your childs physician, and must either be sent into the camp office ahead of time or accompany the medication being dropped off.

Medication must be in the original container, including the label with your campers name, doseage, and the perscribers name.

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Gifted Camp 2021

Welcome to the world of gifted children!

For Girls and Boys Entering Grades K - 7
Session 1: June 28 - July 9
Session 2: July 12 - July 23
Session 3: July 26 - August 6
Session 4: Not Offered

Help your gifted child appreciate their unique and individual talents. Hofstra Gifted Camp will provide your child with fun, stimulation, idea-building and much more -- all on our beautiful Long Island campus.

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Hofstra Gifted Camp is a full-day academic program designed to develop and grow the educational needs of gifted girls and boys entering kindergarten through grade 7. Our enrichment program includes:
  • Inquiry-based learning techniques
  • Experimentation
  • Independent study
  • Group projects
  • And an array of fun and fulfilling hands-on activities

students learning

Our point? A dedication to making your child’s learning experience different from typical school curriculum. Throughout this program, campers will receive enrichment in various academic areas specially designed to make their learning experience exciting and stimulating.

Your Child Will Grow Further... Learn More… and Appreciate Their Special Abilities!

While campers are grouped based on age, classes are designed so each camper can reach his/her full potential. Children who demonstrate intellectual abilities above chronological age expectations, who are grouped with their intellectual peers and are exposed to challenging and enriching curriculums, benefit greatly academically, socially, and emotionally. Campers may participate in the Gifted Program as a specialty for two, four, or six weeks.

Campers attending Gifted Camp participate in three 60-minute classes per day. Two classes are taught in the morning, and one class is taught after lunch, followed by a 45-minute recreational period. Each camper receives instruction in the humanities (which may include foreign language) sciences, and mathematics. Each course is taught by a teacher who is New York state-certified in that content area. Courses run for two weeks and are coordinated with the regular camp sessions. Course topics are not repeated from session to session.

Eligibility Criteria
Gifted Camp requires that proof of high academic ability and/or achievement be submitted with the application. Campers who meet one or more of the following criteria are invited to apply:
  • Academically talented campers entering kindergarten through grade 7 who have scored at the 95th percentile or above in at least one of the major content areas or ability sections of a nationally normed standardized test administered by their school (i.e., ERB CTP 4, IOWA, CAT, MAT, CTBS, SRA, etc.). Please send a copy of the test score(s).
  • Campers who have been identified as gifted and/or who are participating or have participated successfully in a local or school gifted program. Please send verification of participation from the local or school gifted program.
  • Campers who have been selected by a regional or national gifted talent search program, such as the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Please send verification of selection for such a program.
  • If no local or school gifted program exists, or if no test scores are available, two letters of recommendation can be submitted from two educators. You can print the Letter of Recommendation Form from our website (hofstra.edu/camp), which is required to qualify by recommendation. (This form is in PDF format.) The educator providing the recommendation should complete the form and return it directly to the address listed on the form.

How to Apply for Gifted Camp:
  • Print the Gifted Camp Admissions Packet for Parents and our Gifted Camp Admissions Packet for Educators from our website, or call the Camp Office to have a copy faxed or mailed to you.
  • Send the completed Application of Eligibility Form, accompanied by a nonrefundable Gifted Camp admission fee of $50 (a one-time fee), and attach your child’s documentation(s) of eligibility (see “Eligibility Criteria”).
  • Once reviewed, if approved, you will receive a letter of acceptance from the Camp Office along with a Specialty Camps registration form and medical form.
  • Complete the Specialty Camps registration form; include the deposit of $250 per session, and the letter of acceptance. The $50 Gifted Camp admission fee already submitted with the Application of Eligibility Form is in addition to the $50 camp application fee.
  • Submit all forms to the mailing address listed on the forms.
  • Make copies of all documentation and the letter of acceptance for your records.
  • The medical form must be returned no later than June 1.
About Our Gifted Camp Teachers and Counselors
Our unique Hofstra Gifted Camp features dedicated professionals from many fields. These professionals include educators for the gifted, professional practitioners, and experts from specific fields.

They provide the best possible academic experience for each student. Our instructional staff consists of individuals who have attended workshops and educational programs focusing on strategies for educating the academically gifted student. Our counselors provide support to the teachers in the classroom, and serve as role models and mentors to the campers.

For More Information
: (516) 463-CAMP (2267)
Email: ce-camps@hofstra.edu