2019 Camp Dates

Session 1: July 1 - July 12
Session 2: July 15 - July 26
Session 3: July 29 - Aug 9
Session 4: Aug 12 - Aug 16

Note: Camp is closed Thursday, July 4th.

Summer Camp 2019 Open House Dates

Sunday, February 3, 2019; Noon - 2pm

Location: Physical Education Building

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STEM/STEAM Coding Camp 2018

For Girls and Boys Entering Grades 2-9

Session 1: July 2 - July 13
Session 2: July 16 - July 27
Session 3: July 30 - August 10
Session 4: August 13 - August 17

Scratch Programming
(Entering Grades 2-5)
Session's 1,2,3

Introduction to Programming: Python
(Entering Grades 6-9)
Session 1

Augmented Reality
(Entering Grades 6-9)
Session 2

(Entering Grades 6-9)
Session 3

Scratch Programming (New for 2018!)

Programming with Scratch offers students of all ages a fun and meaningful introduction to programming. Students learn to program games and activities by snapping together code blocks instead of writing many lines of code. Scratch's puzzle-like design prevents young coders from getting frustrated with errors related to abstract concepts such as programming syntax and semantics.Using Scratch will allows the students to learn programming in a hands-on environment in order to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in learning traditional programming languages such as Python, Java, C++ and many others. In class students will learn basic programming logic, improve math skills and create games and activities using Scratch.

No Prerequisites Required

Students are encouraged to bring a pen/pencil as well as a notebook to the program

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Introduction to Programming: Python (Updated for 2018!)

This course is designed for students to learn python programming and basics of coding. Students will gain an understanding of what programming is, how to create, test, and build upon their own programs, and see how they can use coding to help them in everyday life! Python is widely used in industry by companies such as Google and is a great language to learn programming and developing web applications.

No Prerequisites Required

Students are encouraged to bring a pen/pencil as well as a notebook to the program

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Augmented Reality: Code the world around you  (New for 2018!)

The Internet has proven to be not only one of the greatest technological achievements of the late 20th century, but also the driving force. Web designers and developers have become known as the architects of the web. During this summer camp learn to build quick,modern web applications and responsive websites. We will cover languages like HTML to structure our websites and CSS for all the styling. These are the foundation of all websites. We will also discuss more advanced features such as CSS3 and media queries, and the new HTML5 tags, in order to create a dynamic and creative website full of your personality.

Students are encouraged to bring a pen/pencil as well as a notebook to this program

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JavaScript - Web application development (New for 2018!)

This course is designed for students looking to dive into the realm of World Wide Web. Using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS; students will construct interactive web pages. In addition, students will be exposed to tools and concepts such as Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, and the full life cycle of web development. Students of all different interests will benefit greatly as technical students and visually creative students work together on projects that help them build communication and collaborative skills, all while each student doing what he/she loves most.

Students are encouraged to bring a pen/pencil as well as a notebook to this program.

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Half the day consists of STEAM Coding programs. For the other half of the day, your child is placed in a recreation group of 8-10 campers in of the same grade and gender where all campers enjoy lunch, instructional swim and recreational sports.

Note: There is a $50 surcharge per two-week session for additional materials and staff requirements.

For More Information
: (516) 463-CAMP (2267)
Email: ce-camps@hofstra.edu