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Asian Studies Faculty Directory

Margaret Abraham
Professor of Sociology
(516) 463-5641
0104 Heger Hall
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Ann Burlein
Associate Professor of Religion
Chair, Department of Religion
(516) 463-7238
0104K Heger Hall
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Balbinder Singh Bhogal
Professor of Religion and Holder of the Sardarni Kuljit Kaur Bindra Chair in Sikh Studies
(516) 463-7136
0104D Heger Hall
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Timothy Daniels
Assiociate Professor of Anthropology
(516) 463-6366
200A Davison Hall
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Neil H. Donahue
Professor, Comparative Literature and Languages
320B Calkins Hall
(516) 463-5442
HUHC Office
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Warren Frisina
Dean, HUHC
Professor of Religious Studies
(516) 463-4783
HUHC Office
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Sophie Hawkins
Special Assistant Professor
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Religion
(516) 463-5616
0107 Heger Hall
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Ronald R. Janssen
Professor Emeritus
Writing Studies and Rhetoric
(516) 463-5471
0123 Mason Hall
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Kari Jensen
Associate Professor of Global Studies and Geography
(516) 463-6968
209C Roosevelt Hall
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Takashi Kanatsu
Associate Professor, Political Science
(516) 463-5602
107B Barnard Hall
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Keun S. Lee
Associate Professor, Zarb School of Business
(516) 463-5332
0141 Weller Hall
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Aleksandr Naymark
Associate Professor, Fine Arts, Art History and Humanities
(516) 463-6305
212C Calkins Hall
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Jean-Paul Rodrigue
Associate Professor, Global Studies/Geography
(516) 463-5765
0200A Barnard Hall
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Daniel R. Rubey
Professor of English
(516) 463-5940
0901A Axinn Library
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Jin Shin
Professor, Psychology
(516) 463-5848
0209G Roosevelt Hall
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Yuki Terazawa
Associate Professor, History Department
(516) 463-4749
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Patricia M. Welch
Associate Professor of Japanese and Comparative Literature
(516) 463-6453
0322 Calkins Hall
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Zuyan Zhou
Professor of Chinese and Comparative Literature
(516) 463-5438
311 Calkins Hall
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