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Comparative Literature, Languages, & Linguistics

We teach the literature and culture of one language in relation to the literature and culture of another. A deep grounding in national languages, the structure of language, and the comparative study of culture through literature will help you develop a more global consciousness that will enhance your life in many ways.

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Hofstra University's Department of Comparative Literature, Languages, and Linguistics offers courses in numerous languages (including Latin and Classical Greek), world literatures (in translation and the original), linguistics, interdisciplinary studies, and literary theory. Comparative Literature, Languages, and Linguistics is also the department where Asian StudiesClassical StudiesLinguistics, and the Graduate Programs in Linguistics: Forensic Linguistics are based.

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Experiential Learning

Hofstra’s proximity to New York City means students in the Department of Comparative Literature, Languages, & Linguistics have numerous opportunities to expand upon their core undergraduate education through an internship or other professional level activities. 

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The Department of Comparative Literature, Languages, and Linguistics houses many innovative and challenging programs, including Asian Studies, Chinese, Classics, Comparative Literature, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Linguistics, and Russian, as well as a combined BA/MA in Linguistics, and an MA in Linguistics: Forensic Linguistics.

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Each of the modern languages taught in the Department of Comparative Literature, Languages, & Linguistics is a major language, spoken by millions of speakers. Achieving fluency in one of these languages is a highly-regarded, professional asset.

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