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Common Reading 2013

The Good Food Revolution Scavenger Hunt

These questions will be answered as you read the book; page numbers provided:

1. Who’s missing from “The Talented Tenth?”


2. What is hip-to-eye ratio?


3. Why did inner-city grocery stores disappear in the 1970’s and 80’s?


4. Who invented peanut butter, and why?


5. Where was the very first McDonalds burger restaurant?


6. What major transformation did the DC suburb of Montgomery County, Maryland undergo in the late 1940’s?


7. What unique community sprang up just ten miles from The White House in the early 20th Century?


8. What do people and seeds have in common?


9. What was it like for Allen to be among the first African American athletes at the University of Miami (FL)?

   (74 ff)

10. What was the penalty for dunking during an NCAA basketball game in the time Allen played?


11. What surprising designation does the USDA give to earthworms?


12. What do worms and people have in common?


13. What was Brooklyn, NY known for in the late 19th Century?


14. How far does the food we eat typically travel to reach us?


15. Why is food a civil rights issue?


16. What is meant by the phrase “food insecure?”


17. How much of our food do bees produce?


18. Which professions are most prone to suicide, according to an old survey?


19. What are the nutritional benefits of sunflower sprouts?


20. How are urban and rural areas interdependent?


21. What surprising use did Allen make of a clearance-priced 5000 gallon swimming pool?


22. What is a “hoop house?”


 23. What is a “MacArthur Genius?”


24. What city consumes the most potato chips per capita?


25. What’s the connection between food waste and global warming?


26. What kind of “miracle” does Bill Gates say he hopes for?


27. Why did Allen partner with WalMart, which, he says, “seemed to be for everything I was against”?


28. What’s the problem with fences?