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First Year Connections


Q.               Can all first-year students take seminars and clusters?
A.               Yes! All first-year students may take seminars or clusters in the fall semester and seminars in the spring semester of their first year. Students enrolled in Honors College may take seminars and clusters, but they should speak with their academic advisor to manage their schedule appropriately.

Q.               What will my fall course schedule look like if I take a first-year seminar or cluster?
A.               If you take a seminar, it will be one class out of the set of four or five you will take between September and December 2018. If you take a cluster, you will have two or three cluster classes — for example, philosophy, political science, and composition classes — in addition to two or three other classes, to total four or five classes for the fall term.

Q.               I’m a psychology major. Will an economics seminar count toward graduation?
A.               Yes. First-year seminars and clusters help you move closer to graduation. All students at Hofstra must take distribution courses — general education requirements — and almost all first-year options fulfill these requirements. In fact, we have designed these first-year options to help you explore your major and other paths you may choose to fulfill your career goals.

Q.           I’m planning to major in business. Which cluster or seminar is right for me?
A.           All Hofstra undergraduate students (including business majors) must satisfy the same set of required courses, so ANY of the clusters and seminars will count toward your general education requirements. We are offering one cluster — F7: Law and Economics — which includes required business courses, so you might look at that one first. However, any one of the clusters or seminars will satisfy your graduation requirements.

Q.           Can I change my mind about my preferences?
A.           Yes! When you come to New Student Orientation, you and your advisor will work out your full fall course schedule together. At that time — or when you get to campus in the fall — you are welcome to choose courses that are different from the ones you choose here.