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NYC Pride Parade 2018

LGBTQ+ Mentors

Anastasio, Maria Associate Professor of Spanish
Calkins Hall 326A
E-mail 516-463-5504
Bosley, Alicia Assistant Professor of Counseling and Mental Health Professions E-mail 516-463-8101
Burlein, Ann Associate Professor, Religion E-mail 516-463-7238
Dresner, Lisa M. Assistant Professor of Writing Studies and Composition E-mail 516-463-0075
Goodman, Debra Associate Professor of Literacy Studies E-mail 516-463-5563
Kaufman, Judith Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum & Teaching
253 Hagedorn Hall
E-mail 516-463-6566
Lawrence, Stephen S. Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy E-mail 516-463-5584
Lledo-Guillem, Vicente Assistant Professor of Spanish E-mail 516-463-4623
Merrill, Lisa Professor of Speech Communication, Rhetoric, and Performance Studies E-mail 516-463-5515
Ostheimer, Gretchen Associate Professor of Computer Science E-mail 516-463-6106
Powell, David A. Professor of French E-mail 516-463-5485
Rodriguez-Fairplay, SM Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology; Director of LGBTQ+ Studies
Davison 205E
Sampedro, Benita Associate Professor; Dept. of Romance Language and Literature
Calkins 321
E-mail 516-463-4521
Santella, Anthony Associate Professor of Public Health E-mail 516-463-5932
Singh, Annmarie Assistant Professor; Dept. of Library Services E-mail 516-463-6529
Smith, Steven D. Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature;
Calkins 312A
E-mail 516-463-5493

NYC Pride Parade 2018