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The Electronic Music and Recording Studios

Kenneth Lampl
Herbert A. Deutsch

Technical Manager:
Gary Filadelfo

EMARS began with the installation of a Moog Modular Synthesizer and multitrack recording studio back in the fall of 1969. When Hofstra officially opened the studio in the summer of 1970, it was the first of its kind on Long Island and one of few such studios in the nation.

Today, EMARS consists of four studios: One still houses the original Moog and is used primarily for fundamental electoacoustic training and analog sound synthesis. A second is an Instructional Recording Laboratory fitted with nine identical computer-based MIDI stations. Each station is fully functional professional recording studio equipped with virtual analog synthesizers, samplers and MIDI as well as multi-track hard disk recording, audio editing and mixing. This Studio serves as a base for class instruction in areas such as film scoring and commercial music production, sequencing, arranging, and improvisation. A third houses another computer / MIDI setup and is designed primarily for independent composition and for music printing. The forth is a complete multitrack analog and direct-to-disc digital recording, mastering and teaching facility. It features extensive MIDI interconnections, state-of-the-art synthesis modules, signal processors, and is attached to a large recording studio which can accommodate a full chorus or orchestral ensemble.

Hofstra currently offers both historical survey and studio composition-based courses in Electronic Music, beginning and advanced courses in Music Recording Technology and Independent instruction in both areas. In addition, Hofstra offers a regularly scheduled summer course in MIDI, Computers and Technology for Music Educators, which is part of a series of Music Education programs.

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