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Piano Auditions

Requirements for Piano Audition

1) Representative compositions from two or three of the following styles:


2) A composition of the appropriate level will be presented for sightreading.

The Piano Department offers private, individual lessons for piano majors, piano minors and other interested students. Except for their first semester of study, Piano majors participate in Juries each semester, where they share the results of the semester's work by playing for the assembled piano faculty. The Piano Department also offers Piano Classes for beginning piano study for all music majors who have not reached an appropriate level for piano proficiency and for other interested students of the university.

Piano Literature and Piano Pedagogy (The Art of Piano Teaching) courses are offered in alternate years. All piano majors must, and piano minors may, participate in Music 20 which entails the preparation, coaching and performance of compositions for piano and other instrument(s) or voice. In addition, there are performance musicales arranged by individual faculty members and an annual Concerto Competition for performance with the Hofstra Symphony Orchestra. Performance Majors give a solo concert in their Junior and Senior years.

Music Department Piano Faculty

Blanche Abram
Adjunct Senior Professor
(516) 463-5498
201A Emily Lowe Hall

Morton Estrin
Adjunct Star Professor
(516) 463-7026

David Lalama
(516) 463-5493
0211 Emily Lowe Hall

Marilyn Lehman
Adjunct Associate Professor
(516) 463-5490
0101A Emily Lowe Hall

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