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Piano Proficiency

All Hofstra Music students must achieve elementary piano proficiency. Students entering with limited keyboard skills must complete MUS. 35 and 35A. Fundamental keyboard proficiency is required before taking MUS 71.

All Music Education majors must pass a Piano Proficiency Examination taken no later than the second semester of the sophomore year. Passing the examination is a requirement for graduation for the Music Education degree. Requirements for the Piano Proficiency Exam are as follows:

  1. All major scales, hands together, two octaves.
  2. Minor scales of c, d, e, f, g, a, hands separately, harmonic and melodic forms.
  3. Two prepared pieces chosen by the student, as follows:
    1. One Baroque or Classical piece at the level of J.S. Bach Little Preludes and Fugues or a Clementi Sonatina first movement (excluding op. 36 #1)
    2. One Romantic or Modern piece at the level of a Schubert waltz or a selection from Bartok Mikrokosmos, vol. II.
  4. Sight reading, to be selected by the examiner from pieces at the level of Easy Classics to Moderns (Music for Millions, Vol. 17, Consolidated Music Publishers) or a J.S. Bach Chorale.
  5. The Star Spangled Banner (Ab) and Happy Birthday (F) harmonized and played from memory.

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