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  1. Chamber Ensemble Program (MUS 20) presents recitals during the last three weeks of each semester. In addition, MUS 20 presentations offering outstanding professional players and other musical figures are held monthly. These presentations take place on Friday afternoons at 2:55 in the Concert Hall, 142 Monroe, or in room 010, Shapiro Family Hall. Students may enroll in MUS 20 either for credit or without. In some degree programs, enrollment without credit for a specified number of semesters is required. Students wishing to enroll without credit to fulfill a degree requirement must complete an Unregistered Participation Form in the Music Office before they will be permitted to participate in any ensembles. All students, whether registered for credit or not, must complete the same requirements (ie., attendance at meetings, lectures, concerts, etc.) as those expected of students enrolled for credit.

*Attendance at MUS 20 recitals is mandatory for all Music Majors.

  1. Junior and Senior Recitals are required for all Performance Majors. They are to be scheduled as follows:
    1. The student and instructor will determine an approximate date during the semester prior to the recital.
    2. The student and instructor will both set up the date and desired venue with the Associate Chairman at least two months in advance of the date.
    3. Material for posters must be completed and given to the Department Secretary or Coordinator of Music PR no later than 4 weeks before the program. Programs, program notes, and all program materials must be completed and typed with all spellings carefully researched and submitted to the Department Secretary and Associate Chair no later than 2 weeks prior to the program.
  2. Honors and Endowed Recitals feature students who have been selected by the music faculty for special honors as performers. These annual concerts are:
    • The Dorothy Hoag Concert
    • The William Lawrence Concert
    • The Rhoda Pinsley Levin Award Recital
    • The William Rosencrans Endowed Award Recital

    1. The Music Department will schedule Honors and Endowed concerts prior to each academic year. Students will have received notice of their awards at the Annual Awards Dinner and will be notified of the concert dates at the start of the Fall semester.
    2. Honors students and their teachers will prepare program materials as needed following the procedures as in B.3 above.
  3. Professional Accompanists will be hired by the Department as needed for Honors and Awards Recitals. Accompanists for Junior and Senior Recitals will be chosen by the performing students. If professional accompanists are used for Jr. or Sr. Recitals, their payment may be partially funded by the Music Department, but the fee must be approved by the Department Chairman and is dependent upon budget availability

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