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Career Information of Our Graduates From the Past Ten Years

(Based upon an approximate response rate of 70%)


Percent of respondents who are employed, by years since degree conferred.

Years since degree conferredEmployed
2 100.0%
3 100.0%
4 100.0%
5 88.9%
6 100.0%
7 100.0%
8 100.0%
9 100.0%
10 100.0%
Total (2-10 years) 98.5%

Employment Settings of Alumni (total sample years 2-10)

Employment SettingPercent of total sample
Hospital inpatient 6%
Hospital outpatient 25.4%
Outpatient clinical (not hospital based) 9%
Private practice (employed by another practitioner) 19.4%
Private practice (respondent’s own) 20.9%
Academic: University 11.9%
Academic: Medical School 10.4%
School setting (elementary, high school, etc.) 11.9%
Other 13.4%

Note: Percentages do not total to 100 because some respondents work in multiple settings.

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