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Learning Goals and Objectives
WSC 1, 1T, WSC 2, 2A

The goals for these courses are consistent with the HCLAS General Education Goals and Learning Objectives for Written Communication :

Goal: Students will demonstrate proficiency in written communication.

A. Apply principles of clarity and coherence to sentences and paragraphs.
B. Write an effective expository or argumentative essay using appropriate style, structure, and voice.

 Minor in Writing Studies

Goal 1. Critically analyze a variety of texts

1a. Read texts critically with close attention to author's use of rhetorical strategies
1b. Respond to texts using appropriate academic written conventions

Goal 2. Respond effectively to a variety of rhetorical situations

2a. Compose effective expository essays responding to specific rhetorical situations
2b. Understand the role of writing in civic engagement
2c. Contribute to public discourse

Goal 3. Compose written texts using appropriate style, structure, and voice

3a. Express ideas with clarity and style
3b. Produce a clear, supple style adaptable to various rhetorical situations
3c. Use various sentence forms to modulate style
3d. Employ correct grammar

Goal 4. Revise written texts effectively

4a. Compose constructive responses to the written work of peers
4b. Apply local and global revision strategies appropriately

Goal 5. Understand how different genres and disciplines shape and disseminate knowledge

5a. Describe characteristics of academic discourse within various genres and disciplinary contexts
5b. Compose an academic essay consistent with specific disciplinary convention

Goal 6. Understand the history and theory of field of Writing Studies

6a. Demonstrate familiarity with theories of Writing Studies
6b. Understand contributions of major figures and significant texts in the field of Writing Studies

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