Master of Health Administration

MHA In Focus: Yiyao (Chandler) Zhang '15

Tell us about your background, where you are from and what led you to be interested in the field of Health Administration.

I am from Beijing, China, and I started my graduate study at Hofstra in 2012. My first master’s degree was in Human Resource Management in the Frank G. Zarb School of Business at Hofstra.  After graduation in 2014, the Affordable Care Act was fully implemented, and I believed that the health care system would experience a huge change in the United States. Also, in 2013, the health reform started in China, and that is why I started the Master of Health Administration program. Both China and United States are in need of healthcare professionals.

What attracted you to Hofstra University’s MHA program?

Because I studied at Hofstra for two years before I was accepted into the MHA program, I knew a lot about the university.  I love the campus, the activities, the culture here, and the most important thing: the program. I also love the faculty in the MHA program – they are really excellent, and I believe I will learn a lot from them.

Tell us about your relevant experiences outside of the classroom. 

Right now, I am working at the New York Mobile Integrated Healthcare Association (NYMIHA) in Mount Sinai Hospital. During these several months of study and work, I realized just what a wonderful opportunity it is. After the Affordable Care Act was signed, the health care system in the US is changing and community paramedicine is playing more and more of an important role in the new paradigm. NYMIHA is leading this brand new industry, and we are using patient-centered, mobile resources in the out-of-hospital environment in a coordinated manner with physicians, hospitals, and other providers. Also, it will expand roles of EMT’s, Paramedics, and EMS systems to provide higher quality patient-centered care and will help to prevent emergencies before they begin. This experience is really amazing, and I have developed my skills within Health Policy & Management, Communications, Diversity & Culture, Leadership, Program Planning, and Systems Thinking.  I also assisted the leaders of the organization with all aspects of running and growing a small public health organization.

What are your long term professional goals and how will the program help you reach them?

My long term professional goals are separated into several steps. First, I will absorb knowledge and gain experiences from the prestigious faculty and my brilliant classmates. Secondly, before I graduate, I am interested in more internships to get me really involved in the industry, and I know the faculty will give me advice and suggestions on how to do this. Thirdly, after I graduate, I would like to find a full-time job in the US to accumulate some more work experience. Therefore, I have full confidence that my experience in the MHA program at Hofstra will allow me to pursue my future careers goals.

Yiyao (Chandler) Zhang

Master of Health Administration ‘15
Beijing, China