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Public Health

Master of Public Health Curriculum

The 42-semester hour program is designed to prepare students for careers in public health practice and public health research in community, government and private sector settings. The program emphasizes critical understanding of the determinants of disease and health in populations; research skills; and the theoretical and practical bases for interventions aimed at improving the health of populations. Master of Public Health program faculty develop and strengthen students' analytical, critical thinking and oral and written communication skills; promote cross-cultural competencies; and provide information literacy and technological skills that prepares students to become successful public health researchers, practitioners and policymakers, among other related professions.

To accommodate full-time professionals, Hofstra's MPH program may be completed on a part-time basis in less than three years. The program features an innovative instructional model that combines distance learning, hybrid courses, and traditional, classroom-based instruction, over seven semesters (summer, fall, and spring).

The program uses a cohort approach so that students travel through the curriculum as a cohesive group which strengthens bonds among students and fosters greater interaction and deeper learning.

Full-Time (1.5 years; 5 semesters) - Sample Plan
Fall 1 MPH 200, HADM 200, MPH 204, MPH 205 (12 credits)
Winter 1 Elective (3 credits)
Spring 1 MPH 202, MPH 203, MPH 222, MPH 223, MPH 206 (12 credits)
Summer 1 MPH 220, MPH 230, Elective (9 credits)
Fall 2 MPH 231, MPH 221 (6 credits)
Part-time (2.5 years; 7 semesters) - Sample Plan
Fall 1 MPH 200, HADM 200 (6 credits)
Spring 1 MPH 202, MPH 203, MPH 206 (7 credits)
Summer 1 MPH 220, Elective (6 credits)
Fall 2 MPH 204, MPH 205 (6 credits)
Spring 2 MPH 222, MPH 223 (5 credits)
Summer 2 MPH 230, MPH 221 (6 credits)
Fall 3 ELECTIVE, MPH 231 (6 credits)

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