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Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology Admission Requirements and Curriculum

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Admission to the program occurs only in the Fall semester. Applications must be submitted by January 15th for the following Fall semester.

Upon acceptance a non-refundable tuition deposit of $500 is required. When registering for the semester for which the student has been admitted, the deposit will be credited toward tuition for that semester.

Accepted students have until April 15th to accept or reject the offer of admission from Hofstra University.

Speech-Language Pathology, MA

Loading Speech-Language Pathology, MA

Speech-Language Pathology Prerequisite Courses

  • SPCH 005A: Phonetics
  • SPCH 006: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism
  • SPCH 102A: Normal Language Development
  • SPCH 103: Introduction to Speech Science
  • SPCH 131: Introduction to Communication Disorders
  • SPCH 133: Clinical Methods in Speech and Language Disorders
  • SPCH 137: Introduction to Audiology
Fall Year 1JanuarySpring Year 1Summer Year 1
SPCH 207-Research Seminar 3 SPCH 277-Seminar in Cleft Lip and Palate Speech Disorders 1 SPCH 226-Clinical Practicum in Audiology 1 SPCH 212-Communication in Healthy Aging (SS1) 3
SPCH 209-Dev. Psycholinguistics 3 SPCH 271-Medical Speech Pathology
SPCH 272- Seminar in Medical Speech Pathology or SPCH 274-Counseling (depending on availability
 1 SPCH 227b- Speech-Language Specialty Clinic 1.5 SPCH 253 Swallowing Disorders in Children and Adults (SS1) 3
SPCH 225-Intro SPCH Practicum 1 SPCH 228-Intro to SPCH-LANG Practicum 1 SPCH 225b- Advanced Diagnostic Practicum (SS2) .5
SPCH 227a- Speech-Language Specialty Clinic .5

SPCH 232-Speech Sound Disorders

3 SPCH 228P- Introductory Speech-Language Practicum: Professional Issues (SS2) .5
SPCH 229-Evaluation and Interpretation of Communication Disorders 3

SPCH 241-Pediatric Communication Disorders

3 SPCH 264-SLP in Schools (SS2) 2
SPCH 242-Aphasia and Related Disorders  3 SPCH 267-Communication and Communication Disorders in Multicultural Populations (SS2)  3
  SPCH 273-Cognitive Rehabilitation or SPCH 275-Children with Cochlear Implants or SPCH 276-Language Impairment in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (SS3); (if both electives not previously taken) 1
Total Credits 10.5 1-3 11.5 12+
Fall Year 2JanuarySpring Year 2Summer Year 2
SPCH 230-Fluency Disorders 3 SPCH 277-Early Identification or SPCH 271-Medical Speech Pathology or SPCH 274-Counseling (if both electives not previously taken) 1 SPCH 206-Speech Science 3
SPCH 248-Motor Speech Disorders 3     SPCH 243-Language, Learning and Literacy 3
SPCH 249-Voice Disorders 3 SPCH 254-Audiologic Assessment and Interpretation for the SLP 3
SPCH 261S-Adult Placement OR SPCH 262S-Educational placement 1 SPCH 260S-Child Placement OR SPCH 261S-Adult Placement OR SPCH 262S-Educational Placement 1
Total Credits 10 0-1 10