Engineering Mission Statement

The Department of Engineering at Hofstra University programs in Engineering Science (with options in Biomedical and Civil Engineering), a Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

Since all degrees are offered under the aegis of a single department, the organizational structure fosters collegiality among faculty of different programs and ensures that all students are exposed to a variety of engineering disciplinary perspectives. The knowledge base encompassed by engineering is constantly expanding, but the fundamental skills and aptitudes which a four year undergraduate program can hope to impart to graduates remain the same, regardless of time or of specific degree. They include a solid grounding in mathematics as a language to express scientific laws, in applied physics as represented primarily in the engineering sciences, in engineering design integrated throughout the curriculum but especially demonstrated through participation in capstone team projects, and in a well-chosen variety of social sciences and humanities.

Technological advances generated by the engineering profession have foreseen and unforeseen effects on human culture and civilization. The broadly educated Hofstra engineering graduate will mirror the multi-faceted engineer/builder envisioned in classical times by Vitruvius, and will therefore be best situated to assess the consequences of the societal changes constantly being wrought by the profession. The department benefits from an active relationship with professionals through its Industry Advisory Board which assists in maintaining the vision of its program.