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School of Education

In Focus: Education Students

Rachel Brillon

Rachel Brillon, M.A. in Elementary Education: STEM ‘14
Roslyn, NY

How did you decide to pursue a degree in STEM Education at Hofstra?
I have always had a strong interest in math and science.  I was a natural explorer at a young age...| more |

Jessica Brillon

Jessica (Frisina) Bruno '06 in Childhood Education, '08 MSEd in Literacy Studies

You are currently teaching abroad in Zurich and completed both your undergraduate and graduate studies at Hofstra. Did you always know you wanted to be a teacher?
I think every child dreams about being a teacher at some point. Whether it's by playing school or enjoying explaining a topic to a friend... | more |

Sara Cuniglio

Sara Cuniglio, M.S.Ed.in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages '07
Cali, Colombia

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and when did you decide to pursue teaching?
I am originally from Cali, Colombia and came to this country at the age of 5... | more |

Ryan Fisk

Ryan Fisk
B.S.Ed. in Physical Education, ‘05, M.S. in Health Education, ‘07, Adv. Cert. in Educational Leadership, ‘10
Syosset, NY

Tell us about your background and how you knew you wanted to be a teacher.
I was actually a huge lover of computers and all things technology... | more |

Veronica Gerosimo

Veronica Gerosimo, M.S.Ed. in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies '12

Tell us about your background and how you knew you wanted to be a teacher.
The Higher Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Program at Hofstra... | more |

Delia Reed

Delia Reed, M.S.Ed. in Literacy Studies and Special Education, ‘14
Great Neck, NY

Tell us about your background and how you knew you wanted to be a teacher.
While studying as an undergraduate I had always known that teaching was my niche in life... | more |

Diana Reese

Diana Reese, M.S.Ed. in Early Childhood and Childhood Education '11
Roosevelt, NY

How did you decide you wanted to be a teacher?
The biggest influence on me growing up was being the youngest of six children and having tons of nieces and nephews... | more |

Suveen K. Sahni

Suveen K. Sahni, M.S.Ed. Social Studies Education, '12
New Hyde Park, NY

Tell us about your background and how you knew you wanted to be a teacher.
All throughout high school I knew exactly what I wanted to do; I wanted to be a corporate lawyer. The plan was always to attend an institution that would quench my thirst to learn... | more |

Christine Tyrell

Christine Tyrell
M.S.Ed. in Fine Arts Education '13

Tell us about your path to Hofstra University.
I attended Hofstra University for a few semesters while obtaining my Bachelors degree in Fine Arts. While at Hofstra, I worked at the Hofstra University Museum... | more |

Jerome Bailey

Lauren Buckheit

Christopher Fusco

Bo Wang